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95 Outcomes of Christian Coaching

faith Dec 17, 2019

When clients hire a coach, they’re interested in outcomes. What will be the results of Christian coaching?

Here are 95 outcomes of Christian coaching:

  1. To discover your best life rather than design it
  2. To partner with the Spirit not just positive thinking
  3. To affirm your hope and future rather than hope for the best
  4. To pray in agreement with your coach rather than just start
  5. To hear the whispers of the Father in the place you need to hear them
  6. To fulfill your purpose rather than miss it
  7. ...
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Giving Employees A Home

engagement Dec 17, 2019

This is a very special time of year for our family. Tomorrow we celebrate our son Asher’s eighth birthday. But that’s not why it’s so special. We adopted Asher from the Philippines when he was four—four years ago—which means on this birthday, Asher will have lived with us longer than he has lived with anyone else.

Asher was the second child we adopted. Rex, who’s ten, came from the Philippines a few years before. And before that, my wife Colette and I had...

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Personal Announcement

personal Dec 17, 2019

(Aug 31, 2016)

Six months ago in a blog post, I signaled that a change was coming. I didn’t know how it would play out, but I sensed there was a journey to take. I wanted to understand more about my life mission, so I wrote:

Some people refer to it as your calling or holy discontent or life mission or the reason you were put here. I like what Frederick Buechner says: “The place God calls you to is the place where your deep gladness and the world’s deep hunger meet.”


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The Epidemic of the American Workforce

engagement Dec 17, 2019

The Gallup Organization published its 2017 State of the American Workplace report. Gathering data from more than 195,000 employees and 31 million survey respondents, the report looks at the American workforce. It’s critical reading because it contains critical information about your life.

Did you catch that? I said it contains critical information about your life. But it’s just a work report, you say.

In his book, Work Rules!, Google’s Laszlo Bock writes, “You spend...

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If This Is Missing, You Need to Find It (Purpose)

engagement Dec 17, 2019

Recently I had a lunch meeting with a high-level executive from a company in town. I’ve known him for a while. He’s extremely sharp, skilled, and ambitious, so it’s no surprise he has advanced in his career throughout the years.

But it was a surprise when he said: “I have a good salary, a good title, and a lot of responsibility. But I feel so discontented. What’s wrong with me?”

As he went on, it sounded familiar. I’d often heard the same thing in the...

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My Puny View of Jesus

faith Dec 17, 2019

Intimacy with Jesus hasn’t been a struggle for me. I like to live my life from my heart. You could say I haven’t been “shorthearted” when it comes to Jesus. But I have been shortsighted in my vision of Christ.

For the last year and a half—after 30 years of being a Christian, including some years in Christian leadership—I’ve been in a process of rediscovering who Jesus is, and I’m coming to love him more. I’m seeing how a greater vision of...

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6 Myths of Professional Coaching

coaching Dec 17, 2019

When I attended the 2017 Global Leadership Summit, I was amazed at how often the topic of coaching came up. This wasn’t a conference on coaching, but when talking about personal development and leadership, many of the speakers mentioned coaching. The rise of coaching is a global phenomenon. You may have noticed it yourself. In its 2017 State of the American Workplace study, Gallup reports that today’s employees expect some form of coaching at work.

With the rise of something new,...

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How To Work With Dominant People Without Disengaging

self-awareness Dec 17, 2019

I’m friends with them, work with them, am led by them. They’re around me at the office, at church, at home. I’m even married to one. Yesterday we talked about how to work with compliant people without crushing them, and discussed the RightPath tool that helps our employees understand more about themselves and working with others.

Today we talk about dominant people.

When my wife discovered I’d be writing about dominant folks, she instructed me to be nice. When...

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Stop to pick the daisies

personal Dec 17, 2019

You know the phrase, “Stop to pick the daisies?” Well, if you look it up in a phrase book you’ll see my daughter’s picture. No, really. In the description there are big block letters, “ASIA: Stopping to pick the daisies” and there she is, sweet smile with a fistful of daisies. I’m sure in some language her name means “daisy-picker.”

And at the same time, at a clandestine meeting behind a waterfall, I’m sure some hyper-naturalists...

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3 Ways Workplaces Can Offer Coaching to Employees

coaching Dec 17, 2019

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, you’ve probably heard about coaching in the workplace. In the past, the term “coach” was applied to sports, then to performances like “voice coach” or “acting coach.” Most recently, coaching has entered the workplace—and indicators suggest coaching is here to stay.

A report from Gallup on the American workforce says that today’s employees expect coaching, and employers that don’t offer...

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