Do you love your life and work? If not, how will you get to yes?


I'd like to help.

I inspire personal and professional growth so you can love your life and work. To do this, I write and speak on employee engagement, self-awareness, strengths, and coaching.

As a Chief Human Resources Officer, I created an employee engagement program that has yielded great results.

I'm also a Gallup Certified Strengths Coach and ICF Certified Coach. As a Penn State Learning Partner, I provide professional development for Penn State.



Employee Engagement

When the workplace is engaged, everyone wins. Unfortunately, most workers aren't. Engagement is the ability to give your best at work because you’re emotionally connected, feel a sense of purpose, and are dedicated to your work and workplace. How engaged is your workplace?


Strengths & Self-Awareness

The best way to achieve great results is through your strengths, but only the minority of folks know and use their strengths everyday. In order to be successful in life and work, you have to be aware of yourself. What are your strengths and self-awareness?



Coaching Skills

The emerging workforce expects coaching, feedback, and growth. Instead of wanting a boss, employees want a coach. To stay current, managers must learn coaching skills. How are yours? 


Personhood Over Performance

Gone are the days when results and performance only mattered. Relationships and personhood are more important. How are you valuing the latter?


My coach provides exceptional insight in helping me discover my "non-negotiables." She's an excellent listener and offers meaningful feedback in our sessions. I'm very grateful for my coach! 

Raisa Silva Gray Teacher


Coaching helped me identify my strengths, which in turn helped me understand what to prioritize in my work and my sense of calling. I now focus on maximizing my power alley with newfound clarity and confidence.

Bret Mavrich Ascend Seven Consulting


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