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We're here to fuel your fire for life, work, and faith so you live with purpose, passion, and power.

Life's too short for half-hearted living and working. Are you making the most of your days? Are you operating from your strengths? Do you know what's driving you?



We offer innovative learning experiences to help you grow including: workshops, courses and bootcamps, personality assessments, debriefs, and coaching.


We produce helpful resources that are used worldwide by coaches, managers, leaders, and individuals to grow in self-awareness, team building, and employee engagement.


We host online communities of like-minded folks who connect together for support, collaboration, networking, problem solving, and growth and development.

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"Our staff team training with Chris was excellent. He was very prepared and very helpful. It’s obvious that Chris loves what he does and he has a genuine passion to help people discover their unique contribution to this world. I highly recommend any coaching and training from Chris!"

Joel Vint
Lead Pastor

"This Bootcamp came at just the right time for me, as I was getting ready to launch my new coaching business. Thank you so much for everything I am learning. Your knowledge and input really has been invaluable to me. "

Darlene Taylor

"I recently finished Chris Heinz's 'Finding Your Drive at Work' course. It was an excellent introduction to the Enneagram, along with many practical suggestions of practical applications. The course answered many questions and has piqued my interest in learning more. I highly recommend this course!"

Dean Bertsch
Corporate Trainer

"As a coach it's important to invest in yourself and continue to grow. Bootcamp gave me so much insight and development integrating Strengths and Enneagram. The content was great, it was prepared in a way that was easy to consume. Chris was incredibly generous with his time and wisdom. "

Rochelle Faimalo
Community Development Advisor

"It has been a life changing course for me. Thank you for the way you delivered it. Very engaging and full of great content as well as very clear communication. My biggest take away was around understanding fears, and where we get our self-worth for each drive."

Helen Gwynn
Navy Chaplain & Pastor


Chris Heinz is a life calling coach who helps people to live from purpose, passion, and power.

He is a Certified REALIFE Process® Facilitator, Gallup Certified Strengths Coach, Certified ®iEnneagram Practitioner, and Certified Professional Life Coach.

Chris is the Founder of Chris Heinz Co. and Chief People Officer for EnergyCAP, Inc. In addition, he's a top-rated Learning Partner for Penn State, where he leads programs on Strengths and Employee Engagement.

He has been a speaker for Gallup, SHRM, International Enneagram Association, and Catalyst, and he is the author of several faith-based books. Chris lives with his family in central Pennsylvania.

After a 12-year career in software marketing, Chris changed his focus to personal development. After receiving several coaching certifications, he developed an employee engagement program, Strengths-based culture, and employee growth program for EnergyCAP.

Since implementing them, the company has seen double-digit increases in engagement year-after-year and was recognized as a "Best Workplace" by Inc. Magazine.



CliftonStrengths (StrengthsFinder®) is a talent assessment that scores you among 34 talent themes. Identify top talents, turn them into strengths, and aim them toward your goals.


The Enneagram describes 9 personality types and motivational drives of human behavior. Identify your core drive, live into whole-person health, and achieve well-being. 


Coaching is an intentional partnership between a coach and client to achieve client goals. Some leaders use coaching skills in their work, while others have professional coaching practices.


The Enneagram + Strengths Network is a membership community for resourcing, training, and connecting around Enneagram and Strengths.




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