Working With Teams

I coach and train business professionals to align their life and work with their personality, purpose, and priorities, so they can live without regrets, make meaningful impact, and have consistent joy


I've Worked With 100 Teams

And I've learned that no two teams are the same. They have different team members, different capabilities, different stumbling blocks, and different dynamics.

Teams don't just magically function well together. They have to work at it. But most often, teams stay busy doing their tasks, but never take time to work on themselves.

We're here to help you maximize your team through assessments, training, and coaching. Our specialties are: employee engagement, strengths, Enneagram, and life/work fit. 

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Taking your team through a personality assessment and training session can be a powerful way to move forward. It can provide greater self-awareness, deeper team building, and better outcomes.
These tests measure a variety of areas, and can be used to bring clarity, problem solving, and development. Being aware of yourself is important for self-management, relationships, and the workplace.
We are certified to work with these assessments:


We've led over 250 training events and will provide fun and informative programs to delight your audience.
Whether you're looking for a team workshop, small group training, keynote address, retreat talk, online class, conference session, or more, we're ready to help you build your team.
We'll make your event easy and excellent by:
  • Leading an intake call to understand your needs
  • Sending a training outline based on the call
  • Providing assessment codes (if applies)
  • Creating a customized presentation
  • Engaging and delighting the audience 
  • Providing activities and materials
  • Emphasizing next steps and application

Popular Workshop Topics


It used to be that most people thought of sports coaching when it came to coaching. But coaching isn't just for athletes anymore. Today, coaching is accepted as a best practice in life and work.
Many people struggle with shortfalls, blind spots, obstacles, and deficiencies much longer than they have to. A coach helps them to move forward in ways that matter most, and afterward clients wonder, "Why did I wait so long?"
I've earned multiple coaching certifications and can help move you and team members forward. Combining coaching with a training event is a best practice to customize learning, reinforce next steps, and get a better return on investment.
I've earned these coaching certifications:
  • Professional Certified Life Coach
  • ICF Associate Certified Coach
  • Realife® Process Certified Facilitator

Organizations We've Worked With: