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Download: Strengths and Shortfalls 

This download includes 34 talent themes and three strengths and shortfalls for each. As an example for Responsibility:

  • Strengths: is dependable and reliable; completes what is started; takes ownership of assignments
  • Shortfalls: fails to delegate; is anxious about about responsibilities; doesn't say no 
Download: 10 Ways to Engage 

This download includes 10 practical ways to keep your employees engaged because employee engagement doesn't happen by chance.

  • Based on the latest research
  • Practical and actionable
  • Taught in university classes
Download: Enneagram Guide

This guide provides an overview of the Enneagram tool by answering important questions such as:

  • What is the Enneagram?
  • What's the purpose?
  • What does whole-self health look like?
Download: Stress and the 34 Strengths

This download explores how the 34 talent themes are triggered by stress and can find relief.

For example, Developer®:

  • Trigger: assessing without coaching; giving up on people; wasted potential in others
  • Relief: coaching toward growth; giving second chances; seeing potential realized
Download: Growth Questions for the 34 Strengths 

This download provides a growth question for each talent theme to help grow your talents into strengths.

For example, Connectedness: Am I reading connection into something that's not there?

Download: How the 34 Strengths Deal with Change

This download explores how the 34 talent themes deal with change. For example:

  • Command®: prefers direct communication and room to speak up; doesn’t like change being done to them if not bought in
  • Restorative™: open to change that fixes problems; communicate to them what is broken and how the change will fix it
Download: Enneagram Growth Practices 

This download suggests growth practices for each Enneagram type. As an example for the Type 1:

  • Accepting less than perfect
  • Encouraging others more often
  • Stopping false judgements upon oneself
Download: Growth Practices for the 34 Strengths

This download provides growth practices for the 34 talent themes. As an example for Harmony:

  • Welcome necessary conflict
  • Say what needs to be said
  • Take a side that is worth taking
Download: Comparison of Strengths and the Enneagram

In some ways, Strengths and the Enneagram are very similar, and, in some ways, they are very different. In the end, they both help us see. This sheet compares them.

For example, regarding core applications:

  • Strengths: Performance & satisfaction
  • Enneagram: Motivation & wellbeing
Download: Stress and the Nine Enneagram Types

This download explores how the Nine Enneagram Types are triggered by stress and can find relief.

For example, Type Nine:

  • Trigger: disappointing people; unplanned conflict; having to make a choice I'm not ready to make
  • Relief: everyone getting along;
    bringing new information; being welcomed to bring my voice
Download: How STRONG of a Leader are You?

This worksheet helps you assess how STRONG of a leader you are and take steps to grow stronger:

  • Evaluate your leadership behaviors
  • Make plans to grow STRONG behaviors to benefit your team
  • Decide how to use your strengths to meet your team's core needs
Download: Enneagram + Strengths Associations Report Package

In this 30-page report, two data scientists and one coach explore how these tools are related, featuring data from across the world.

The report package includes:

  • 30 pages of research
  • analysis by data scientists
  • fascinating findings, assocations, and connections


Podcast: The Intersection of Strengths and the Enneagram 
From: The Enneagram in your REALIFE!

This podcast discusses the powerful relationship between Strengths and the Enneagram:

  • Value of both Strengths and the Enneagram
  • Making the choice to engage as a Type 9
  • A celebrity encounter that turned into a hero dad moment thanks to the Enneagram

Podcast: How Does CliftonStrengths® Compare to Enneagram?
From: Navigating Your Leadership

This podcast compares the two popular assessments:

  • How Enneagram and Clifton Strengths are in alignment
  • What makes them different and what to watch out for when using Enneagram
  • How to successfully use assessments on your self-discovery journey
Podcast: Creating A Coaching Culture In Your Organization
From: Professional Christian Coaching Today

This podcast discusses how to create a coaching culture in your organization, whether you’re large or small:

  • Establish clear expectations when introducing a coaching culture
  • Empower employees to utilize their strengths
  • Create a meaningful plan
Podcast: Enneagram through the Eyes of a Teenager 
From: The Enneagram in your REALIFE!

This podcast explores the Enneagram from a teenager's perspective:

  • Things she's grown to appreciate more during the pandemic
  • What she's learned about processing her emotions and feelings as a Type 4
  • How the Enneagram is helpful for her whole family dynamic
Podcast: The Enneagram Test and Your Core Personality Drivers 
From: The Stressless Entepreneur

This podcast discusses how to use your Enneagram Type to reduce stress and improve your daily life:

  • Reduce stress and improve your daily life
  • Let your Harmony Triad deepen self-understanding
  • Understand all nine core drives


Video: Employee Engagement Tips for Working Remotely

This video webinar explores top engagement principles and how to apply them to working remotely:

  • Understand what employee engagement is
  • Get five top engagement principles
  • Hear five tips for working remotely
Video: Psychological Safety in the Workplace

This video webinar explores psychological safety and its importance for workplace health, innovation, and success:

  • four stages of psychological safety
  • barriers to achieving it
  • questions to ask ourselves
  • how personality impacts our sense of safety
Video: Deeper Dive into Strengths and the Enneagram

This video webinar explores new depths of how these tools can be used together:

  • Meet a reluctant Strengths coach whose job required him to take the Enneagram
  • See which is the WHY and which is the HOW
  • Understand the value of the Harmony Triad
Video: Strengths and the Enneagram Toward Racial Equality

This video webinar discusses how Enneagram and Strengths can help with racial equality:

  • Listen to a Wellness coach share her experiences with racism
  • Gain empathy into racial inequality
  • Understand how both tools can help to bridge the racial divide
Video: Reveal of the Enneagram + Strengths Study

This video webinar reveals findings from our study on the assocations of Enneagram and Strengths:

  • See which Types share top talent themes
  • Discover the strongest Type and theme associations
  • Learn why the Type 4's top themes are so unique
Video: Strengths Approach to Managing Stress

This video webinar discusses how can a strengths approach help you to manage stress:

  • Learn from the 34 Strengths themes
  • Understand common causes of stress
  • Find ways to relieve stress
Video: Intersection of Strengths and the Enneagram

This video webinar explores the connection between Strengths and the Enneagram:

  • Learn the basics of the Enneagram
  • See how Strengths compare with the Enneagram
  • Hear how to help others grow using both tools
Video: Coaching Approach to Managing Stress

This video webinar discusses how a coaching approach can help you manage stress:

  • Explore stress through an interactive inquiry process
  • Find relief through coaching skills
  • Let your stress teach you
Video: Christian Approach to Managing Stress

This video with guest, Dr. Peter Cannizzaro, discusses how the Christian approach can help you to manage stress.

  • Hear why anxiety is spiritual insecurity
  • See how Christ dealt with stress
  • Understand how God uses stress for good purposes 
Video: Enneagram Approach to Managing Stress

This webinar explores how the Enneagram can help you to manage stress:

  • Consider the nine types of the Enneagram
  • Learn common triggers to stress
  • Discover ways to relieve stress  
Video: Coaching with the Enneagram

This video interview explores why the Enneagram assessment is a good addition to your self-knowledge toolbox, and we:

  • Reveal the host's test results
  • Unpack the Harmony triad model
  • Discuss the value of the Enneagam