Marketing Mix Worksheet

coach_marketing_mixIn today's world, using one or two marketing activities may not be enough. Discover your coach marketing mix through this helpful worksheet. With this worksheet, you can: understand the 19 marketing channels you may be missing, score each channel based on customers, capability, and cost, identify which channels may be best for you, and get started on building your marketing mix.

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Slide Deck: Motivating Employees So Everyone Wins

standing outHow do you motivate employees so they thrive at work? Most of today’s workforce has different expectations than before. What is your engagement strategy? Download the slide deck for: three key drivers of engagement, practical tactics to increase motivation and engagement, research on what today's workforce is expecting. Your next action steps. When employees are engaged, everyone wins.

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Assessment for A Better You

man ponderingPlato said, "An unexamined life is not worth living." Take this one-page assessment for a better you. Get clarity on your life and work: evaluate the areas of your life and work, see your highs and lows, and identify the best potential for growth. This one-page packs a punch!

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Busting 10 Myths of Professional Coaching

myth busterIf you're selling coaching to individuals or organizations, you may face an upward climb. Download 10 myths of professional coaching so you can bust these common myths: 10 common misconceptions about coaching, each myth busted, and 10 ways that coaching is different than mentoring and counseling.

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Ebook: What Could Coaching Do For You?

what could coachingThis short ebook will help you understand what coaching is, what happens in a coaching session, the reasons why people get coached, and more. Read this ebook to: gain insights on the rise of professional coaching, understand the benefits of coaching, and discover what goes on in a coaching session.

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Podcast: Creating A Coaching Culture In Your Organization

coaching-cultureWhether you’re running a family-owned business as a solopreneur or climbing the corporate ladder in a large organization, how will you create a coaching culture in your organization? Listen to the podcast about how to: establish clear expectations when introducing a coaching culture; empower employees to utilize their strengths; and create a meaningful plan.

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52 Ideas for Building a Strengths-Based Culture

52 Ideas for Building CoverBuilding a strengths-based culture won't happen overnight. Download 52 ideas for building a strengths-based culture, plus six areas to focus on. Get practical help so you can build your culture. You don't have to do it alone.

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Survey Results: What's On The Minds of Today's Coaches?

Coach SurveyWe conducted a survey to understand mindsets and behaviors of professional coaches and coaching students as they head into 2018. The data provides insights into their top goals, obstacles in getting new clients, marketing tactics, business operations, and branding. Download the report for insights about: goals and obstacles, session fees and clients, marketing tactics, and branding.

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