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Chris Heinz Co. Blog

On Talent and Three Ways of the Enneagram

Sometimes connections between ideas come when you’re not expecting them, even in front of a room of people. Recently I was leading an introductory strengths workshop for a team. While explaining the concept of talent, I shared Gallup's definition of talent:

Talent by Gallup

“Talent is naturally recurring patterns of thought, feeling or behavior that can be productively applied.”

Each of us is naturally good at certain things, and these things fall into one of three...

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6 People Who Were Hungry for God

faith Dec 28, 2019

Jesus said, "Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they will be filled" (Matthew 5:6).

What does it mean to be filled by God? It begins with hunger.

I've been praying before, and suddenly, everything disappeared. All that mattered was what he said, what he promised. All that mattered was what he did, what he was doing. All that mattered was God.

I was at once like the dark, barren world before it was made, still formless and empty and void. Then slowly and surely...

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A Clean and Simple Formula for Giving Feedback Using Your Strengths

strengths team building Dec 28, 2019

Most of us don’t enjoy giving feedback to people. That’s because there are three challenges to overcome. First, you may not have developed basic feedback skills. Second, you see the world a certain way. Third, the other person sees the world their way. That’s three big challenges that can create a mess. But you can overcome these challenges through a simple and clean feedback formula that makes use of your strengths.

All you must remember is S.O.A.P. (I told you it was...

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Why We're Thankful for the 34 Strengths

strengths Dec 28, 2019

During Thanksgiving in the United States, we make time to think about what we're thankful for. After working with hundreds of people on their strengths, I'm grateful for the different ways that people are talented.

Some bring focus and determination, some bring flexibility and adaptation, some bring clarity and direction, some bring optimism and hope. The world is fascinating because of the 34 strengths given to us.

By "34 strengths," we're referring to the 34 CliftonStrengths® of talent....

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How to Keep Your Mind From Wandering During Prayer

faith Dec 28, 2019

Does this sound like you?

You sit down to pray but soon you’re thinking about the movie from the night before. And what snarky Facebook status to post.

You catch your mind wandering, so you return to prayer, but then you notice the door trim is peeling and oh, when was this door knob changed?

You coach yourself to fight the good fight, but this Facebook status is so brilliant, you grab your smartphone and post it. You just have to. Then you try to find your way back to prayer.


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The Missing Piece of Talent Development

As a strengths trainer and coach, I help folks to understand their talented behaviors so they can make the most of them. It’s exciting to see people come alive to their talents and apply them to relationships, work, and life.

For example, I’ve seen people start to give themselves permission for taking time to think because thinking is what they’re good at. I’ve seen people embrace their decisiveness because that’s their power. I’ve seen people foster their...

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Deeper into Strengths and Motivation

Previously I wrote about talent development. I love helping folks find their talents—and then growing them into strengths. I mean, I really love it. However, now that I’ve worked in the realm of strengths for a few years, I’ve identified a missing piece.

Talents can tell you what you’re good at, but they can’t tell you where they’re taking you. That’s the business of motivation. When it comes to self-awareness, it’s better to work on both. I...

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3 Myths of Employee Engagement

engagement Dec 28, 2019

The other day I was coaching a supervisor whose team members weren’t as engaged as she wanted them to be. We talked about the reasons for that and brainstormed possible solutions. After coming up with five or six possibilities, she highlighted two that seemed doable for her, and decided to try them. I’m looking forward to hearing the results.

Myth: Sometimes supervisors get the idea that producing highly engaged employees is all their responsibility.

And so, they don’t want...

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5 Reasons for Self-Awareness

self-awareness Dec 28, 2019

You find two kinds of people in life and work—those who pursue self-awareness and those who do not. Those who do not can become those who do, but it usually takes an act of disruption—even violence—to upset the status quo of self. I think we’re better off knowing ourselves than not.

Here are five reasons why:

You’re stuck with yourself, do it for you.

Face it, you’re stuck with yourself for life, so why not make the most of it? You can either go through...

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10 Reasons God Uses Prophetic Prayer

faith Dec 28, 2019

We've been talking about different kinds of prayer to help you find your prayer strengths. This week's focus is Prophetic Prayer. (I understand this prayer type may raise some eyebrows, but please hang with us.)

An Experience

Several years ago I’m in a worship service when I get the feeling that God may want to communicate to me about someone in the room. It's a man I don't know.

I close my eyes and what do I see? A chubby beaver, furry with buck teeth, brown matted fur, and a...

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