When to Use These Assessments

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A sales manager asked me to provide training to his team around a certain assessment. Although I could have signed up his team for the assessment he asked for, I wanted to understand why he wanted it. As we talked, I learned that it was the only one he had heard about, which is why he asked for it. But I knew there was a better assessment to meet his goals and current work situation. So together, we chose a different one.

As a coach and consultant, I...

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Highlands: A Unique Approach to Personal & Professional Development

Republished by permission of The Highlands Company

If you’re reading this, you may be wondering what to do next in your work life. You may be willing to invest in yourself and your future; and you are seeking a “different” type of information to help.

The Highlands Ability Battery (HAB) is the Gold Standard Among Human Assessment Tools rooted in the scientific research of human abilities and used exclusively by well-trained professionals. The HAB is not used by...

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