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Choose Your Own Adventure

Photo by Yaroslav Shuraev on Pexels

I recently introduced my son to the Choose Your Own Adventure books, which I loved as a kid. It was thrilling as a reader to decide where the story went. Choose wrong, and you may fall off a cliff. Choose right, and you may save the day.

We recently wrapped up the 5-Day Ideal Life + Work Challenge. About 110 people had joined us. Afterward, we conducted a survey to gather feedback and understand what participants wanted to do next.

As you may guess, with a...

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Five Fallacies to Face Immediately

Photo by fauxels on Pexels

I was scheduled to lead an Enneagram workshop for a team, but as the time approached, I was feeling anxious and uneasy about it. But why? This would be the third time training this particular team, and I felt comfortable with them. I had already been teaching the Enneagram for several years, so it wasn’t new material. Why was I feeling stressed?

Then it hit me. The last time I was with this team, we had a wonderful workshop. But as I walked to my car to leave,...

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Four Problems With Your Life and Work Fit

Photo by Karolina Grabowska on Pexels

What are the primary concerns on employees’ minds when it comes to work? A recent study by Mercer US asked 4,000 US-based workers about their topmost needs in the workplace. In addition, the report compares the results of the 2022 list to those on the 2021 list.

The needs vary from year to year, for example:

  • covering monthly expenses was #9 in 2021 but topped the list at #1 in 2022
  • personal relationships appeared in 2021 but didn’t make the...
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What Is Your Life and Work Arrangement?

Photo of Vault Virginia is courtesy of The Daily Progress

A few weeks ago, a coach asked me critical questions during our session together, and it transformed the way I was thinking. Before I reveal the gilded inquiries, let me explain the backstory. Our family had recently moved to Charlottesville, VA, under the premise that I would work for myself. But after a few months, I became interested in returning to the workforce. I

missed being part of a team, serving a common mission, and...

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