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Faith Blog: This Fourth of July, Celebrate Your Freedom in Christ

faith Jul 04, 2020

Today let’s celebrate freedom in Christ! It’s July 4 in the United States, when we celebrate our country’s independence. I’m grateful for that, but grateful too for freedom in Christ.

Look at some of the freedoms Christ brings:

  • Sins forgiven
  • Place in the family of God
  • Perfect in God’s sight
  • Filled with the Holy Spirit
  • No barriers between us and the Heavenly Father
  • Ushered into the life of Christ
  • Given every spiritual blessing and inheritance
  • Given gifts of the...
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Faith Blog: Wounds, Sin, Gospel, and the Enneagram

enneagram faith Jun 20, 2020

I’ve been wanting to write this blog post for awhile now, but for reasons of time and focus, it has had to wait. I can’t write this topic for the Work blog, but I can write it for the Faith blog.

I can’t write it for the Work blog because it would scare some folks away, and I’d lose the opportunity to speak light into their lives, and our journey together would be over too soon.

For example, the coaching client who read a book on the Enneagram and said it was too...

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Complete Message: What difference does the Ascension make today?

faith May 23, 2020

In celebrating the Ascension of Christ, we've created smaller bite-sized videos. Enter into the wonder of the Ascension in smaller pieces or watch this longer video (35 mins) to get them all at once.

The videos are:

Let us celebrate Jesus the King.

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Part 3: How can we follow Christ as our Ascension Leader?

faith May 23, 2020

As you know, we're counting down the days until Ascension Sunday so we can celebrate what the Ascension is all about.

In this video, we answer, "How can we follow Christ as our Ascension Leader?"

We created a series of videos to celebrate Jesus the King. You can watch bite-sized messages or the entire message:

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Part 2: What does the Ascension say about Christ?

faith May 22, 2020

We're counting down the days until Ascension Sunday.

In this video, we see what the Ascension says about Christ.

We created a series of videos to celebrate Jesus the King. You can watch bite-sized messages or the entire message:



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Part 1: What is the Ascension?

faith May 22, 2020

This Sunday is Ascension Sunday, so we're going to count down until that day. Although the Ascension was a major event in the life of Jesus, not many of us pay much attention to it.

We think of the major events of Christ's life:

  • Christmas (the birth of Christ)
  • Good Friday (the death of Christ)
  • Easter (the resurrection of Christ)

And we forget the Ascension. But the Ascension matters a lot.

We created a series of videos to celebrate Jesus the King. You can watch bite-sized messages or the...

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My Little Secret About Personality Assessments

I’ve been pushing a few personality assessments lately. Specifically, Strengths and the Enneagram. But here’s my little secret…it’s not really about the assessments. It's about The Four Pursuits. Here's what I mean by that.

Sure, I enjoy connecting with you over learning opportunities like:

But these opportunities are a...

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Faith Blog: Video: How Jesus Responded in Isolation Helps Us In Ours

faith Mar 22, 2020

We're all facing the impact of the Coronavirus pandemic. But does Jesus understand what we're going through? How can we break through like Jesus did?

Watch our Facebook Live video for some thoughts on this:

Plus, we're in a 21-day prayer email series to choose peace over panic.

Sign up to join us!

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Faith Blog: Invitation to 21-Day Prayer Email Series

faith Feb 23, 2020

I don't know about you, but some days prayer doesn't come easily for me.

There seem to be more demands for my time than I have time for, and often it's prayer that gets left out. Or I get tricked into thinking prayer is more complicated than I have energy for.

But let me tell you, prayer is where God loves us. Prayer is God's means of grace. Prayer is where ministry is made. Prayer is the root of our relationship with Him. Prayer is really one of the best things we've got.

But maybe you need...

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Faith Blog: 3 Ways God Used the Enneagram to Strengthen My Walk with Christ

enneagram faith Feb 22, 2020

I don’t know if you’ve heard of the Enneagram, but it’s hot in some circles. At its simplest, the Enneagram is a personality profiling tool that describes nine basic personality types. The idea is to find your type, discover how you live out your type, and then take steps to grow.

It’s actually been around for a long time but has recently gained a resurgence due to some popular books, podcasts, and social media. There’s a debate among some Christians about...

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