This Fourth of July, Celebrate Your Freedom in Christ

Today let’s celebrate freedom in Christ! It’s July 4 in the United States, when we celebrate our country’s independence. I’m grateful for that, but grateful too for freedom in Christ.

Look at some of the freedoms Christ brings:

  • Sins forgiven
  • Place in the family of God
  • Perfect in God’s sight
  • Filled with the Holy Spirit
  • No barriers between us and the Heavenly Father
  • Ushered into the life of Christ
  • Given every spiritual blessing and inheritance
  • Given gifts of the...
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Six People Who Were Hungry for God

Jesus said, "Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they will be filled" (Matthew 5:6).

What does it mean to be filled by God? It begins with hunger.

I've been praying before, and suddenly, everything disappeared. All that mattered was what he said, what he promised. All that mattered was what he did, what he was doing. All that mattered was God.

I was at once like the dark, barren world before it was made, still formless and empty and void. Then slowly and surely...

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10 Ways Christians Are Supposed To Be Different

Someone once asked me what difference Jesus Christ makes. It’s a good question. We should be able to see Christ in his followers. Unfortunately sometimes we don’t. Sometimes Christians act far from the person of Jesus we see in the Bible. And they repel others from the magnificent, passionate, and revolutionary Jesus. I’m sure I have at times.

But let’s not forget that it’s a process. We don’t grow into Jesus and become a new creation fused of Christ and us...

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7 Ways Self-Awareness Leads to God

You may know that I’m a life coach and I use various personality assessments in my work. Some people think personality assessments are chiefly self-centered activities, driving us to sit around all day pondering ourselves, “Here’s what I think about me, what do you think about me?” And therefore, they should be avoided.

But I have a different opinion. I think all activities can be self-centered.

Even the act of helping people, which at first sounds nobly altruistic,...

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24 Quotations About Christ to Keep Us Thankful

O Blessed Christ, O Son of God, O Image of the Father! In all of the Father’s gladness, he is most glad to share with us his most beloved Son. In giving us Christ, the Father held nothing back. He took his most precious treasure and unwrapped him and sent him to us, that we might know the Father. Indeed, Jesus Christ is the ultimate reason for gratitude—in showing us the Father, he makes a way to the Father for us. O Blessed Christ, O Son of God, O Image of the Father!

Here are 24...

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95 Outcomes of Christian Coaching

When clients hire a coach, they’re interested in outcomes. What will be the results of Christian coaching?

Here are 95 outcomes of Christian coaching:

  1. To discover your best life rather than design it
  2. To partner with the Spirit not just positive thinking
  3. To affirm your hope and future rather than hope for the best
  4. To pray in agreement with your coach rather than just start
  5. To hear the whispers of the Father in the place you need to hear them
  6. To fulfill your purpose rather than miss it
  7. ...
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