Why You (Yes, You) Need a Hobby

The Washington Institute for Faith, Vocation, and Culture asked me to write an article about how hobbies relate to overall life and work fit. Here's an excerpt and link to read the article on their website.

I recently joined an industry trade group and was asked what my hobbies were. I struggled to answer. I couldn’t think of a hobby, let alone multiple ones! Do working people actually have hobbies? With all the things that I have to do and a career to conquer, I cannot imagine having a hobby.

Aren’t hobbies for people with excess free time or years of retirement? I have neither. I recently moved to a new town. I’m building a new business. And I’m married with three children at home. Being faithful to the various callings of my life has me busy enough. Adding hobbies to the mix seems unnecessary, if not impossible!

Can you relate to my dilemma? And yet, there seems to be wisdom in having a hobby.

As a follower of Christ, I believe all areas of life are opportunities to serve Jesus, avenues of God’s grace, and experiences to commune with God. If having a hobby can be any of these things, then I don’t want to miss out—and I suspect you don’t either. In this article, let’s explore three questions about hobbies: What is a hobby? What are different kinds of hobbies? How can God use a hobby in your life?



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