When to Use These Assessments

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A sales manager asked me to provide training to his team around a certain assessment. Although I could have signed up his team for the assessment he asked for, I wanted to understand why he wanted it. As we talked, I learned that it was the only one he had heard about, which is why he asked for it. But I knew there was a better assessment to meet his goals and current work situation. So together, we chose a different one.

As a coach and consultant, I help clients to solve problems. Sometimes clients know what to ask for, and sometimes they don’t. One of the tools that can provide additional data is an assessment. Assessments are useful because they can bring new insights, confirm impressions, and provide objectivity. But like it is for most jobs, you need to have the right tool. A hammer won’t do if you need a screwdriver! Not all assessments are the same. 

In our business, we use different assessments based on the needs. That’s why we’re certified in so many of them. Assessments aren’t like the One Ring of power in Lord of the Rings—there isn’t one assessment to rule them all. You have to decide what information will be helpful to solve the problem/need and then choose an assessment that serves that ideal outcome and experience.

We currently offer seven assessments because our clients’ needs are diverse, and we want to provide the best help we can. With these many assessments, you might think we’re assessment addicts, but we’re not! Rather, we’re committed to helping our clients, who bring diverse needs and problems to us. We’re able to use the right tools for the job!

The seven assessments we offer are:

  • CliftonStrengths®
  • Enneagram
  • PathwayU
  • Highlands
  • RightPath 4 & 6
  • RightPath 360
  • Needs and Values

Here’s a brief summary of the assessments and when to use them.


Owned by the Gallup Organization, this talent assessment identifies your top talent areas around 34 different themes of talent and 4 broader categories.

Applications: work performance, team building, leadership development

Click here for my CliftonStrengths Signature Themes Report.


The Enneagram is a personality profile system comprising nine personality types that help describe your intrinsic motivational drive, core weaknesses, accompanying behaviors, and centers of intelligence.

Applications: self-awareness, team building, well-being

Click here for a sample Enneagram report.


PathwayU was created by jobZology to measure your vocational interests, personality factors, work values, and workplace preferences to make suggestions for your educational path and work fit.

Applications: educational and career fit, work environment

Click here for my PathwayU report.


Highlands, owned by the Highlands Company, uses time-based work samples to score you on 19 different abilities to help you make educational and career decisions based on your personal style, learning style, problem-solving, work types matches, and more.

Applications: career and education planning, team building, leadership development

Click here for my Highlands Adult report.


RightPath 4 & 6

RightPath identifies your natural behavioral traits, innate blended profile, and how they fit with your work environment or your potential job candidate’s behavioral traits.

Applications: recruiting, team building, work performance

Click here for my combined RightPath 4 and 6 report.

RightPath 360

The RightPath 360 is a peer feedback assessment that gathers anonymous feedback from various stakeholders in your life alongside your self-awareness.

Applications: work performance, leadership development, self-awareness

Click here for a sample RightPath 360 report.

Needs and Values

Offered by The REALIFE Process®, the Needs and Values assessment helps you identify your top five core needs and top five core values so you can achieve better health and well-being.

Applications: well-being, self-awareness, life arrangement

Click here for the first and last page of the needs and values assessment.

What problems are you looking to solve? What information are you seeking? Assessments can bring additional data and provide a positive team-building experience. Contact us to learn more.

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