Why We're Thankful for the 34 Strengths

During Thanksgiving in the United States, we make time to think about what we're thankful for. After working with hundreds of people on their strengths, I'm grateful for the different ways that people are talented.

Some bring focus and determination, some bring flexibility and adaptation, some bring clarity and direction, some bring optimism and hope. The world is fascinating because of the 34 strengths given to us.

By "34 strengths," we're referring to the 34 CliftonStrengths® of talent. Being aware of your talents, growing them into strengths, and aiming them toward your goals is a key to success in life and work.

In this post, we share why we're thankful for each of the 34 strengths:

Achiever®: You get your work done, have amazing stamina, and help us be productive.

Activator®: You take action, turn talk into reality, and get us moving.

Adaptability®: You go with the flow, are flexible, and help us chill out.

Analytical®: You see reasons things came to be, can look at multiple factors at once, and help us to understand.

Arranger®: You put things in the right order, organize and assemble, and help us be efficient.

Belief®: You live according to your values, choose meaningful work, and help us connect with our values.

Command®: You speak up when no one else does, have courage to take control, and bring clarity to us.

Communication®: You brings words and stories to life, make an impact, and help us perceive differently.

Competition®: You want to win, push for excellence, and help us to beat past standards.

Connectedness®: You have confidence that everything is connected, appreciate the mystery of life, and help us see that things happen for a reason.

Consistency®: You treat people fairly, create clear rules for everyone, and help us feel equal.

Context®: You keep record of the past, honor what came before, and help us remember our history.

Deliberative®: You carefully deliberate when making a decision, think of possible risks and scenarios, and help us make better decisions.

Developer®: You see the potential in others, walk the extra mile with them, and help us have hope in people.

Discipline®: You are stable in your routine, are structured and organized, and help us with order.

Empathy®: You feel other people's feelings, put yourself in their situations, and make us feel seen and heard.

Focus®: You prioritize what's most important, ignore distractions, and help us stay on track.

Futuristic®: You have a vision for what's ahead, perceive the upcoming possibilities, and help us position for the future.

Harmony®: You see multiple perspectives, aim for unity, and help us get agreement.

Ideation®: You enjoy thinking of new ideas, see connections between them, and help us think differently.

Includer®: You see who is on the fringes, make the outsiders feel welcome, and help us feel included.

Individualization®: You are fascinated by individuals, put teams together well, and help us understand who people are.

Input®: You collect and store, archive what's useful, and use your collection to help us.

Intellection®: You enjoy intellectual conversations, think deeply, and help us toward new insights.

Learner®: You have a capacity to learn, are driven toward growth and change, and help us discover.

Maximizer®: You push for quality, make something good even better, and help us achieve the best.

Positivity®: You are fun and optimistic, bring energy and enthusiasm to what you do, and help us feel hopeful.

Relator®: You prize the people you know, invest in deep relationships, and help us connect.

Responsibility®: You follow through on what you start, are dependable and trustworthy, and help us feel at peace.

Restorative™: You see problems and solve them, are energized by fixing what's wrong, and help us improve.

Self-Assurance®: You have uncommon confidence, take bold risks, and help us feel secure.

Significance®: You live to make an impact, make the most of your influence, and help us to number our days.

Strategic®: You see the destination and ways forward, select the best route, and help us get there.

Woo®: You connect with new people, win them over, and help us feel known.

Who can you thank for their strengths?

Looking for more? Learn growth practices for each of the 34 talent themes.

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