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Halloween Costumes for the 34 Strengths

It's Halloween time, so we got to thinking how our strengths might dress up for the holiday. We've already considered how the strengths may celebrate their birthday, do Disney World® and choose a baby name. In this post, we wonder how they may dress on Halloween.

By "34 strengths," we're referring to the 34 CliftonStrengths® of talent. Being aware of your talents, growing them into strengths, and aiming them toward your goals is a key to success in life and work.

Here are costume...

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Find Your Prayer Strengths in 12 Types of Prayer


If you're like me, you've struggled with prayer. But I believe for the Christian, prayer isn't supposed to be the hard work. The hard work was already done by Jesus to make us approved and accepted by God. Now we get to relax in the river of grace and enjoy God.

Prayer is a means to do that. But what if our prayer lives become an obstacle to swimming in grace, enjoying God?

That's why I got so excited when I started noticing different types of prayer in the Bible.

For example, in the letters...

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How the 34 Strengths Choose A Baby Name

Several of my friends are preparing to have babies. That made me wonder how people with different strengths might choose a baby name. We considered the same thing with Disney World, so we thought we’d do the same with baby names.

How would the 34 strengths choose a baby name? By "34 strengths," we’re referring to the 34 CliftonStrengths® developed by behavioral psychologist Donald Clifton.

Explore how the 34 talent themes deal with change.

Achiever®: You race to find a...

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10 Effects of Pornography on Your Personal Life

When I was a child, the neighbor boy flashed some flashy magazines at me.

We were underneath the trees that bordered my yard. The shade cast dark shadows on us, which concealed our activity. He didn’t tell me these magazines were forbidden, but I sensed it in the hushed secrecy of the shadows.

Time stood still, pregnant with exhilaration and danger. We could be caught. But it didn’t matter, this I had to see. At that point, I was too young for my parents to have considered giving...

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When You Feel Unworthy of God’s Love

When you feel unworthy of God’s love, think about this:

Not all feelings can be trusted. They come and go as the wind blows. They can lead you astray. Feelings are not your true north.

God will never leave you or forsake you (Hebrews 13:5). He has compelled himself to obey His own Word because God never breaks His promises. God’s Word says He will never leave you, so He won’t.

God’s love is not based on your own nature or ability or goodness—it’s based on...

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10 Myths About Speaking In Tongues


The first time I heard someone speak in tongues, I thought he was speaking Greek. That’s because I took Greek in college and wasn’t good at it. And because of that, I didn’t know what Greek really sounded like. After I figured out it wasn’t Greek, I realized that maybe it was tongues. I would have preferred Greek.

But tongues are what it was. Up to that point the only experience I had with tongues was something I read somewhere, and in the corner of my memory, a...

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7 Benefits of Praising God


We introduced the idea that there are different types of prayer and we can find our strengths in prayer. Prayer isn’t supposed to be the hard work; the hard work was already done by Christ to make us approved and accepted by God.

You’re going to lean toward different types of prayer—your sweet spot in prayer. The point is to discover your sweet spot so it can lead you into a deep and satisfying relationship with your Heavenly Father.

In order to help you find your prayer...

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Five Words to Describe Human Resources

As the head of Human Resources for our company, I have a vision for our employees. It comes down to five words. We want to be:

  • Person-centric
  • Performance-minded
  • Strengths-based
  • Engagement-focused
  • Self-aware

Here’s what I mean.

In Patrick Lencioni’s book, The Truth About Employee Engagement, he writes about the three causes of job misery.

Job Misery

One of them is anonymity—the sense that at work, you are unknown as a person. What a sad thing! Being unknown at work makes...

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4 Types of People You’ll Meet

Life is a process of becoming more aware of yourself and others. As you do, you become more effective at life and work. As you pay attention to those around you, you notice different types of people.

Understanding things like what drives them, how they communicate, how they contribute, what they need, and what can be their downfall, will help you as you relate to them.

Everyone is different, and we can’t pigeonhole anyone into one category. But we can use our understanding as a starting...

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95 Things I’ve Learned: Senior High School Speech

I came across the speech I wrote as a senior in high school. That was 1995 and I was 17. Popular were the “Things I Learned…” books, so in 1995 I wrote the 95 things I’ve learned so far. Here they are in original form, that is, unedited. I still agree with most of them, although I would love to rewrite a few.

When I was assigned to write a speech about my experiences thus far, I immediately felt overwhelmed. How could I possibly include every moment that has been...

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