40: Guest Highlights Show #2


Today’s episode is a special compilation of episode highlights and a celebration of a new transition. 

It’s been a few months since we last released a podcast episode. In that time, life transformed. My family and I moved to Virginia, I launched a new website, and Life Calling Today went through a brand change. I’m grateful for the former season, but I have dreams for this next season.

This is the last episode under our current branding and current name. We are transitioning to focus more on a Christian approach to Life Calling. We wanted to take this time to let everyone know what to expect as we make this change. 

Listen as we celebrate Life Calling Today with 12 guest clips that offer tips, insights, and personal stories of Life Calling. Let’s walk together to the next season of our purpose with Christian Life Calling.

Time stamps:

  • [00:18] - What has everyone been up to these days?
  • [02:40] - Dr. Dave White gives you tips to start a new period of transformation.
  • [06:50] - Michael Pfau explains why coaching is different from mentoring.
  • [11:09] - Dr. Stephanie Shackelford uncovers research findings on Calling and career. 
  • [14:44] - Steve Heinz offers his insights about Calling coming in different seasons.
  • [20:26] - Ron Sweetman talks about powerful assessments, such as the PathwayU Assessment.
  • [25:47] - Janet Mylin provides the connection between motherhood and supporting children as they take on the real world.
  • [30:27] - Deborah Koehn Loyd defines a vocational credo which helps clarify a life purpose.
  • [34:06] - David Bryant calls for an awakening in this world, and explains why one is needed.
  • [39:10] - Dannah Gresh sheds light on why pain can be an indicator or direction for Calling.
  • [43:32] - Matt Eby gets honest about confronting and embracing painful events.
  • [49:22] - Jo Self shares how practical strengths can apply to different sections of life and ripple into other lives.
  • [53:47] - Bryan Ray encourages everyone to follow what is calling them, even if it feels a little uncomfortable.
  • [57:20] - Thank you to all our guests, and thank you for listening!

Links: Four Surprises When We Moved to Virginia

Full Episodes:

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