29: How Coaching Helps with Calling | Michael Pfau

Coaching is different from other forms of helping. It serves a specific purpose, the same way mentoring or consulting fulfills a separate purpose. A mentor helps you learn what they already know how to do. A consultant helps you solve a problem from a third-person point of view. A coach helps you find fulfillment. Today, we discuss how coaching helps you align with your Life Calling.

Michael Pfau, M.Ed, PCC, BCC, is President of Crossways Life Coaching, LLC. As a coach, Michael works primarily with mid-life professionals who are looking for more in work, life, and career. He is a faculty member of the Professional Christian Coaching Institute. Michael earned a Master’s degree in education, and he’s a professional certified coach in the International Coach Federation (ICF). In his career, Michael spent time in paid ministry work and the business space until he decided to contribute his skills to coaching others on their transformational journeys. Michael felt a need, found a solution, and now shares his insights while coaching.

Sometimes, people don’t know where to start. Michael talks in this episode about his coaching journey, the benefits of coaching, and why coaching is an individual experience. He shares his thoughts on how coaches can help people connect to their Life Calling. Listen as he explains that vision and passion are what help guide people forward. Coaches are partners who help you pursue that vision and passion, which ultimately aligns with your Life Calling. Multiple types of help are useful in the world, and each has its own purpose, but coaching is flexible to your story and your journey.

Michael is the first coach I went to when I was on my path of getting certified as a coach myself. He also holds an important role in prepping for the Life Calling Bootcamp that will be launching soon. His work is highly recommended, and I can’t wait for you to hear this episode. Information alone does not lead to transformation. A coach helps you find what’s next in your life, so you can be at peace looking back on your legacy. Listen to this conversation on how to move forward in your journey alongside a coach.

Time stamps:

  • [00:18] - Michael Pfau is the coach of coaches.
  • [01:33] - Michael gives a brief look into his background, including his start in ministry.
  • [04:19] - With his first client in 2002, Michael says that life coaching was a less known profession.
  • [06:24] - How did Michael go from paid ministry work and business work into coaching?
  • [09:06] - Mentors and consultants help people, but what is the range of where they can help?
  • [11:28] - Coaches differ from the idea of mentoring or consulting. This is how.
  • [14:00] - Coaches guide people through transformations in their life.
  • [15:39] - Michael recalls when he hired his first coach to figure out the new season of his life years ago.
  • [18:38] - Is there a nagging gap in your life?
  • [20:13] - Michael explains why having a coach can guide people through starting a journey.
  • [22:57] -What kind of experience is cohort (small group) coaching? What kind of experience is one-on-one coaching?
  • [25:03] - Michael shares his Life Calling, and expresses what he believes it means to live authentically.
  • [27:47] - Can spirituality be added to coaching? Michael makes coaching flexible for each individual.
  • [30:15] - Stop thinking, and take the very first step.
  • [32:15] - What can Michael do better than most people?
  • [33:51] - Michael gives his thoughts of neuroscience in the personal development space.
  • [35:67] - Get ready for the Life Calling Bootcamp.


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