34: What is a Vocational Credo? | Deborah Koehn Loyd

Clarity is what helps you recognize the vocation within your story. Vocation is not about ideas; it’s about your “what” and “how”. If you don’t decide on a path forward, you won’t do it. You must ask yourself: What is the best way to live this out? Today, we learn about identifying a vocational credo.

Deborah Koehn Loyd is an educator and innovator who’s passionate about helping others to find the way forward in their lives. She’s the author of Your Vocational Credo: Practical Steps to Discover Your Unique Purpose, which coaches readers through practical steps of vocational discernment. Deborah is an adjunct university professor, defender of the marginalized, and former church planner. In addition, she’s a life coach, workshop leader, and keynote speaker. 

Deborah wants to help people find their story, their voice, and their vocation. She says that vocation is discovered, not made. It lies in your story. Deborah mentions that the parts of your story where you experience pain or misunderstanding are sometimes the tool to discern your Calling. When you push back on your pain, you notice it in others and know how to help them. That becomes the driving force for the vocation you can fulfill in service to others.

Listen as Deborah discusses why vocation is an active journey, why pain can be redemptive for you and those around you, and understanding your vocational preferences. Vocation is both deeply individual and intertwined with others. Our actions impact each other. If we don’t fulfill our own vocation, the impact of its purpose will not come to fruition. 

Your vocation is what you are particularly bringing to the world. We’re not all here to bring the same thing or tackle the same issues. Pay attention to your story. Learn to identify your Vocational Credo, so the world is not deprived of what you will bring.

Time stamps:

  • [01:42] - Deborah Koehn Loyd says she wasn’t always comfortable with public speaking. When did that change?
  • [04:18] - Is there a difference between Vocation and Calling?
  • [06:21] - Deborah says that vocation is discovered, not made.
  • [09:00] - Listen to Deborah describe her definition of Vocation, and how it relates to individual experience, joy, and service.
  • [11:14] - Vocation is both deeply individual and intertwined with others.
  • [13:53] - The word “Call” is from the Latin word “Vocation”. How much did the meaning change?
  • [16:16] - Deborah explains how to use pain to discern our Calling.
  • [18:22] - Push back on your pain.
  • [20:56] - Deborah shares a story of someone who turned their personal pain into service for others.
  • [22:41] - Deborah expresses her thoughts on pain being a stepping stone to fulfilling our greater purpose.
  • [25:20] - What vocational workshop is Deborah working on?
  • [27:33] - Deborah urges everyone to pay attention to their own story to find vocation.
  • [29:44] - What is a Vocational Preferences Survey?
  • [31:34] - How can identifying your vocational preferences help you?
  • [34:31] - Chris talks about how PathwayU helps you refine the “what” and “how” of your Calling.
  • [36:01] - What is a Vocational Credo?
  • [39:01] - How does knowing your credo impact your decisions in life and work?
  • [40:33] - How can you write a Vocational Credo?
  • [42:34] - You can’t have resurrection without death.
  • [44:41] - Deborah lists three experiences that shaped her approach to life.
  • [46:36] - Deborah is a deeply thoughtful person.


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