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What Is PathwayU?

PathwayU is an assessment platform that uses predictive science to connect you to your greatest sense of purpose as you make choices throughout your education, career, and employment journey. The platform identifies different paths you could take, either in paid work or not.

It is being used by people of all ages to find greater purpose, meaning, and joy. PathwayU was developed by vocational psychologists and has been honored with multiple awards for innovation and education.

We're happy to provide PathwayU to you free-of-charge as you explore meaningful work.


You Can Use PathwayU To:

  • Discover what makes you unique
  • Understand where you will find purpose
  • Explore education and career paths that align with your gifts
  • Find real employment opportunities that resonate with your passions

Start PathwayU Today

1. Click on the button below to Create Your Login

2. Enter the required information. (Note: For School Email, enter your preferred email address, it doesn’t have to be a school email. For ZIP Codes other than from the United States, enter β€œ12345”.)

3. Follow the instructions to take the assessments

4. Make sure to visit the My Journey page for some next steps

5. After creating your login, you can always access the platform from where you took it

6. We'll send some emails with resources and helps


If You Need Help: