28: Advice for the New Year | Dave White

Position yourself to make the impact you want to make, and realize you can deliver that impact through a variety of ways. As this year starts, gain a new perspective on how you can bring more purpose and meaning to your journey. You now have a new set of opportunities to grasp. Today, we talk about advice for the New Year to intentionally pursue your Life Calling.

Dr. Dave White holds a consistent voice of doing what’s important. He is a Success Life Coach, and he is the pastor of Bridge Church in Valencia, CA. On top of this, Dave’s experience includes work as a speaker and a Lead NCAA Men’s Basketball Referee. He worked with Olympic gold medalists, business leaders, and influencers of society during his career. In the past, he served as a substance abuse counselor, a university instructor, and a business CEO. As you can see, he’s done a whole lot in his career.

Dave contributes his skills to the board of advisors for the Life Calling Institute. He serves as if he’s a physician of the soul; he’s always full of wisdom, insight, and grace. He loves hope and having things to look forward to. In life, he prioritizes his time and efforts based on the aspects of his life that give substance to the bigger picture. He talks about this while giving real stories from his experiences, and insights he gathered over the years. You can really learn from Dave about how to maneuver all other tasks around your nonnegotiable values.

When it comes to the big things in life, it’s not about independence, it’s about interdependence. Listen to Dave discuss what it means to have a lifespan perspective that combats the pressure of accomplishing everything “now”, how to fill life with significance outside of status titles and metrics, and how to adapt your purpose to the context of your life. Start the New Year off right with this conversation filled with advice on sparking the momentum towards your Life Calling.

Time stamps:

  • [00:18] - Dave White is like a physician of the soul.
  • [02:12] - When you have good people in life, you make the most out of opportunities to connect.
  • [04:25] - How does Dave like to start the New Year?
  • [06:47] - Get the major priorities in place first, and the little things will fit around it.
  • [08:33] - Dave explains why connecting and sharing with other people can lead to success. Can the concept of individualism hinder how you show up in your Life Calling?
  • [11:06] - Where is the balance between external goals and family life? Dave shares why it’s important to have a “lifespan perspective”.
  • [14:05] - The real question is “What are you achieving?”, and what is the significance of those results.
  • [16:51] - Dave shares stories from his time as a referee, and connects what life lessons transferred from the experience.
  • [19:47] - What helps people find meaning and purpose in life?
  • [21:14] - Orient yourself with the big picture to understand your Life Calling.
  • [22:58] - How can you adapt your purpose to the context of your life or a new direction of life?
  • [24:56] - Dave expresses his thought on fulfilling a Life Calling that brings impact and service to the world.
  • [26:34] - Position yourself to make the impact you want to make.
  • [29:13] - What is Dave White’s Life Calling?
  • [31:26] - You can deliver your Life Calling in different ways. How does this show up in Dave’s life?
  • [33:45] - Dave talks about using his voice to speak up.
  • [36:38] - Dave explains the balance of using anger in productive ways, and not always repressing the emotion.
  • [38:14] - Thank you for listening. Happy New Year!


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