32: Debriefing the PathwayU Calling Assessment | Ron Sweetman

More than knowing about yourself, the real power is in what you do with what you know about yourself. Many people take assessments to gain insight on their core characteristics. Imagine an assessment that not only brings your core characteristics to your attention but points you in a direction of where you can take action and test your new insights. Today, we are debriefing the PathwayU Calling Assessment.

Ron Sweetman is a businessman who found success early in his career and now coaches business leaders. He is a lifetime entrepreneur who is good at noticing opportunities. After serving as a police officer, he entered the telecommunications industry where he was a multimillion-dollar producer for several companies. Then, after a 20-year career in the technology and sales space, he started his own coaching and consulting business to help entrepreneurs scale their businesses. In addition, Ron served in leadership positions at his church and in Man the Mirror Ministries.

Ron took the PathwayU Assessment and is here to talk about his findings. He starts by giving his background story, then shares why the insights he discovered add more clarity to how he shows up in his Life Calling. The assessment helped Ron be able to communicate his skills and interests. He even jokes that the assessment describes his strengths and personality more concisely than what he learned about himself working professionally for 20 years.

Listen to this discussion on how the PathwayU Assessment can provide insight and direction. No matter how self-aware someone claims to be, they’re stuck in a loop unless their actions forge a new path. This assessment gets people out of a loop by using predictive science to suggest various pathways to live out your calling. Such an assessment is meant to help people experience more meaning, purpose, and joy in life and work.

The PathwayU Assessment highlights interests, personality, values, and workplace preferences. All four categories are touched on in this episode, and specifically spoken about through the lens of Ron’s experience for context. Deeper knowledge of your strengths is a discovery process, and that process is a part of today’s conversation.

Time stamps:

  • [00:18] - Ron Sweetman helps entrepreneurs scale their businesses.
  • [01:58] - What is the PathwayU Assessment? What guidance does it give?
  • [04:35] - Ron gives his story on what led him to knowing he needed a change.
  • [07:19] - Ron recalls how he discovered what matters most.
  • [09:06] - One of Ron’s strengths is that he notices opportunities.
  • [10:55] - How many fields of work does Ron have experience in?
  • [12:59] - What other assessments did Ron take to understand his strengths?
  • [15:23] - The PathwayU Assessment highlights interests, personality, values, and workplace preferences.
  • [17:13] - Ron finds that the PathwayU Assessment articulates his interests concisely.
  • [19:23] - What are the top personality traits that were brought to Ron’s attention by the assessment? 
  • [21:54] - Ron values achievement and impact.
  • [24:38] - Ron values achievement, but there is a specific detail about what’s behind this trait. What does Ron get from achieving goals in his life? 
  • [26:36] - Through the PathwayU Assessment, Ron is more clear on why he is a mission-driven worker.
  • [29:26] - Which professional fields did the PathwayU Assessment suggest to Ron? Ron says which roles stood out to him from those options.
  • [31:02] - Deeper knowledge of your strengths is a discovery process.
  • [33:00] - Ron describes what the discovery process of his strengths is like in his journey so far.
  • [35:02] - How does Ron define Life Calling? He talks about asking “Why?” and ending the loop of trauma-based rumination.
  • [37:19] - Ron is inspiring people to be their best self, and helping people to connect to resources.
  • [39:29] - Ron encourages everyone that there’s always a plan in life. Where does this thought come from?
  • [41:10] - When looking at Ron’s traits, there’s a balance in how his traits fill his life’s big picture.
  • [43:31] - Take the PathwayU Assessment, and find time to discuss your own Life Calling.


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