33: When Motherhood Needs Healing | Janet Mylin

No human is without the need for mothering. Our life cycle is a chain of taking care of ourselves and others. What we sometimes fail to remember is that nurturing figures, such as mothers, have brokenness as well. Mothers are human like every other person needing acceptance, accountability, and grace. Today, we are discussing when motherhood needs healing.

Janet Mylin is a writer, communications specialist, and teacher who says she’s just a church bell ringing out, calling people into the spirit-filled life. She’s the mother of three children, and wife of Andy. Her latest book is called “Arrows Make Terrible Crowns: How the Holy Spirit Healed My View of Motherhood”. Janet is also the co-author of two other books, and currently works for True Girl, a ministry for daughters and moms under best-selling author Dannah Gresh.

Moms want to give the best to their kids, but sometimes they are not able to as they are flawed like every other person. Janet talks about embracing who she is and her unique strengths as a mother. She explains why motherhood is not about doing it all or doing things the same way as everyone else. Every human needs healing when it comes to nurturing others.

Listen as Janet celebrates how each mother nurtures their family in their unique way. Women sometimes “disqualify” themselves by comparing themselves to other moms, but Janet talks about how to let go of such comparisons. At the same time, Janet wants people to pay attention to how mothers and mother figures in our life impacted the way we see and understand motherhood. Motherhood is not a box to place a person in.

As a person, who you are is a place of freedom, security, and confidence apart from your kids. Listen to Janet share thoughts on embracing your mothering style, how to avoid incorrectly “using” your children, and developing a better relationship with your role as a nurturer day by day.

Time stamps:

  • [01:20] - Janet Mylin fondly describes her family.
  • [03:50] - Janet mentions her work at True Girl. What is she doing these days?
  • [06:35] - Janet talks about her fear of bigger impact and her family’s new balance as she works full time.  
  • [08:47] - No human is without the need of mothering. 
  • [11:32] - What does Janet do when she starts to compare another mother to herself?
  • [14:08] - Janet recalls what inspired the name and meaning of her book.
  • [16:12] - Moms are human too. Janet walks through the grace and accountability of recognizing faults in motherhood.
  • [18:57] - Every human needs healing when it comes to nurturing others.
  • [20:35] - Listen to Janet’s realization after her mother’s passing.
  • [23:27] - Motherhood is not about doing it all, or doing things the same way as everyone else.
  • [25:02] - Don’t use your children as a crown. Be careful not to project personal pain or chaos onto your children.
  • [27:54] - Be mindful of pushing your children away and neglecting them when you feel overwhelmed by your role as a caretaker and nurturer.
  • [29:39] - How can people prepare their kids to be launched into the world?
  • [31:50] - Chris and Janet explore the need to listen to God in the day to day of raising children. 
  • [34:03] - Nurture the trust your children have in you to hand you their brokenness.
  • [36:59] - Where do you ground your identity?
  • [38:44] - Janet shares what enables her to empower her kids.
  • [41:45] - Janet describes her calling as “inspiring people to be bold”.
  • [43:50] - Is anything coming up for Janet?
  • [46:46] - “She was a church bell.”


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