36: Connecting Moms and Daughters | Dannah Gresh


Don’t be afraid of the messy pieces of your story. People often don’t understand each other, not realizing that we all have a messy story that needs grace. Like a mom and daughter trying to understand each other while dealing with their own lives. Today, we talk about connecting moms and daughters through accepting life’s imperfect story.

Dannah Gresh is the best-selling author of over 30 books for teens, tweens, and their parents (written in both English and Spanish). Dannah is a highly sought-after speaker for conferences, weekend retreats, and online Bible studies. She’s also heard every day on the Revive Our Hearts podcast. Dannah is the leader of the True Girl Ministry, which connects the hearts of moms and daughters to each other (and with Jesus). In addition, Dannah is the co-founder of Grace Prep, a stellar Christian high school in central Pennsylvania. The school is uniquely established around the 40 Points of Grace.

Dannah teaches people that “Your story is your greatest asset”. Your story is a weapon that can be used to bring good news into this world. Part of the reason she wrote her book “And the Bride Wore White: Seven Secrets to Sexual Purity” came from a determination to give young women the power of their story back. Inside your faults, fears, and mishaps are opportunities to turn your insights into service. It’s a chance to share your life lessons or extend grace to someone going through a hard time.

Listen as Dannah discusses the need to embrace your own story and the story of others. She easily shares her ideas on the concept by sharing the work she does with young women and the ministries of the church. Dannah leads by example, sharing her personal story of reflecting on her experiences in order to serve others, empower young women, and help people see that Life Calling is connected to their story.

Am I free to live the life that God designed for me? This is the question Dannah ultimately brings to attention. Understand that your story serves that path you are walking, and serves the people that come in contact with your path. Join today’s conversation to hear lessons that help you connect with yourself and others.

Time stamps:

  • [00:18] - Dannah Gresh talks about her animals that she named after Dr. Seuss characters.
  • [03:18] - Dannah recalls early signs of what called her to the path she is on today.
  • [05:18] - Your calling will not always feel easy, and may require you to overcome what you think are your fears.
  • [07:36] - Dannah shares what she does to re-center herself, and talks about what inspired her to write about young women being sexually active.
  • [09:46] - What did Dannah hope to accomplish with her book on sexual activity?
  • [12:28] - Our story is a weapon for good.
  • [15:08] - Inside your faults, fears, and mishaps are opportunities to turn your insights into service.
  • [17:39] - How does Dannah interpret the rise of depression in society, especially in youth?
  • [19:55] - An altered view of reality is a major factor in the increased depression among youth.
  • [22:07] - Pay attention to the lies, and replace them with truth.
  • [24:52] - Is there a lie that Dannah struggled with in her own life? She talks about facing her limiting beliefs around “belonging”.
  • [27:16] - Truth changes the way we show up in the world, and what we bring to our interactions...
  • [29:16] - Can being single be part of a Calling?
  • [33:04] - Are you free to follow the true plan designed for your life?
  • [35:44] - Your Calling may need you to be flexible.
  • [37:42] - What is Dannah’s definition of the ultimate Life Calling?
  • [39:13] - Dannah talks about the new journey she and her husband are on to enlarge their territory physically and spiritually.
  • [41:24] - Dannah and her husband hope to increase the community connection between different church ministries.
  • [43:14] - This one thing is what Dannah encourages church communities to improve on.
  • [45:06] - How can we extend grace to restore the broken?
  • [47:03] - The power of restoring each other.


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