27: Highlights from Guest Interviews

We started this podcast six months ago, hoping to inspire you toward fulfilling your Life Calling. Lessons in each episode became part of our reason to take that brave next step in our purpose. Today, we wrap up the year with an awesome round-up of highlights from guest interviews.

In the course of the past six months, we shared conversations with great guests who brought their understanding and experience of Life Calling. Every guest gave us something to hold onto. They made us think, laugh, and cry. With every conversation, we always left inspired. The guests shared important and diverse work related to their individual callings, whether working in nonprofit or managing parenthood.

Listen to this collection of important epiphanies and insights as told by people that contribute to the world from their Life Calling. Today’s episode is filled with roughly 2-minute clips from guests throughout this year’s episodes. I’ll introduce each clip for you, so you can sit back and relax. You may find yourself wanting to go back to listen to entire episodes over. That may be a good idea. You can always learn something new.

Friend, thanks for joining and engaging with Life Calling Today. Let’s continue to take our next brave step into the new year!

Time stamps:

  • [00:18] - Can you believe we’ve been having conversations for this long already?
  • [02:50] - Bob Goff on the importance of dreaming big.
  • [05:13] - Olympic Gold medalist Josh Davis shares his lesson about not giving up on his Life Calling.
  • [07:31] - Bryan Dik explains the impact an awareness of Life Calling can have on a person in their work.
  • [10:40] - Carol Ben-Davies shares insights on the need for adolescents to explore purpose individually.
  • [14:09] - Allan Scott describes why his broken past life experiences qualify him to carry out his Life Calling.
  • [17:40] - Jennifer Vancil provides advice on how to align your career with your overarching purpose.
  • [20:55] - Laura Booz reveals the power of motherhood as a calling.
  • [24:22] - Teresa McCloy dispels the illusion of productivity, and says to focus on what’s “best”.
  • [27:11] - Ben Hager shares his thoughts about developing purpose and paying attention to life.
  • [30:00] - Spencer Smith reveals the power of fatherhood as a calling.
  • [34:01] - Kim Fisher helps people bring their Life Calling to reality, even if leveraging failure.
  • [36:52] - Peggy Pepper brings energy with her perspective of following purpose no matter what age.
  • [40:07] - We had a phenomenal year! Let’s have another one next year.


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