18: Forget Productivity Do What Matters | Teresa McCloy


“Being productive” vs. “Being busy”. You may be familiar with this popular distinction, but there’s more to it. Imagine being a top performer in a practical role you thought would be good for you. As a top performer, you are by all “standard” definitions a “productive” person. If you go home after being “productive” only to immerse yourself in something to make you forget the day, is that cycle truly beneficial? Don’t worry friend. This is a story of joy. This is a story of realizing we are free to choose differently.

In today’s conversation, Teresa McCloy talks about finding the courage to embrace your authentic self, and start building a life that better reflects your Life Calling. Teresa McCloy is an entrepreneur, teacher, and coach. She is the founder of the Realife Process(R), the CEO of the Professional Christian Coaching Institute, and the host of the REALIFE Process(R) podcast. Teresa speaks around the idea that being productive towards our goals and aims is stronger when placed towards what really matters. 

All life experiences add together to be a skill, lesson, or perspective to use later in life. Teresa spends time discussing what to take from life experiences to carry forward. When taking inventory of life, noticing what holds most of our time and energy is important. Listen as Teresa explains how to create the rhythms, routines, and behaviors to a sustainable life. During the conversation, we explore the ways values and needs discern Life Calling, experiment with the idea of multiple callings through different seasons, and discuss why the Enneagram is a tool to acknowledge internal authenticity.

Taking a step back, this conversation is a combination of realizing mindset and action. Life Calling describes the moment to moment of being aligned with your values and needs. The REALIFE Process(R) is a framework to uphold the commitment to being aligned. Bring all parts of yourself to embrace an authentic life, a REALIFE, a life true to your Life Calling.

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Time stamps:

  • [02:00] - Teresa McCloy is an entrepreneur and coach fueling the growth of businesses and people.
  • [03:50] - What’s Teresa like in her daily life? She gives fun personal trivia such as her car interests, foodie life, and more.
  • [05:19] - How did the numerous jobs Teresa fulfilled lead her to where she is now? From a piano teacher to retail, what seasons did Teresa go through?
  • [08:08] - People don’t learn as much from success as what they learn from failure. There is freedom in reflecting on failure.
  • [09:49] - Teresa explains the tagline: “Forget Productivity and Do what Matters”.
  • [12:09] - Listen to Teresa share the inspiration behind the REALIFE Process, and why this connects to living a sustainable life.
  • [14:22] - What are the four components of the REALIFE Process? Does each component look different for each individual?
  • [17:20] - Know that the pre-decisions of life influence how your life reflects your values.
  • [19:26] - How important are values and needs to Life Calling?
  • [21:05] - Teresa gives insight on figuring out how to address personal needs and values.
  • [23:48] - In which ways can someone use their Enneagram to find new paths in the walk through life.
  • [26:43] - Teresa speaks about tapping into and waking up the other personal centers of intelligence.
  • [29:12] - Acknowledge every part of yourself to open up and discover more. How does this create a domino effect?
  • [31:59] - Teresa expresses her thoughts on exploring different seasons of “being” and fulfilling a calling. 
  • [34:31] - When going on this journey, there’s a moment of diving deeper internally before exploring the external aspect.
  • [36:11] - Teresa admires that the Life Calling Today podcast is a platform for discovering Life Calling as a community.
  • [38:09] - Once you accept your authentic self, you become real. Teresa explains how this life lesson from the Velveteen Rabbit influenced the REALIFE Process.
  • [40:20] - Life Calling is the deeply personal meeting place of authenticity and perspective.
  • [42:13] - What does Teresa want to be known for?
  • [44:15] - Thank you for joining us today, friend!


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