4: Bob Goff - Dreaming Big

Dreaming big means following a larger ambition, and honestly, one of the largest ambitions someone can have is to live their Life Calling. Pursuing a Life Calling is not always obvious. If you can get a handle on the things that are most important to you, and get a feel for the direction you are heading in, you’ll be better off in your journey of living a purposeful life.

Identify your limiting beliefs to become more aware of how you deal with your ambitions. Like you, I experience my own moments of questioning the mindset I have toward my ambitions. One of these moments was actually brought on by reading the book written by today’s guest. My guest today, and the first guest on the Life Calling Today podcast, is Bob Goff. Up to now, some of Bob’s titles include best selling author, speaker, lawyer, professor, honorary consulate, and coach. He lives a life of following the flow of his curiosity. 

That curiosity and courage to try something new is why I refer to Bob as the “Dream Catalyst”. Bob Placed his curiosity, courage, and reflections in his book “Dream Big”. It was the first book of his that I read, and his message resonated so much that I wanted to invite Bob to personally share his perspective on pursuing a purposeful life.

Bob says life planning involves getting a handle on what your biggest ambitions are saying to you. Not only should you know the ambitions, but it’s beneficial to recognize what you do and do not need on your journey in the direction of that ambition. Bob reminds us to not only think about the life we envision, but to also take action. 

In Bob’s eyes, people need to participate in life. I find that this concept of participating, and taking a small step, is very related to pursuing your Life Calling. Celebrate moments through life as you decide what’s best for your journey.

Time stamps:

  • [00:20] - Bob Goff is the first guest on the Life Calling Today podcast! Who is Bob Goff?
  • [02:21] - What is Bob Goff busy doing at the Oaks Center?
  • [03:55] - Bob explains why he puts his phone number in his books.
  • [05:37] - Through Bob Goff’s book, Dream Big, I could confront the idea of having limiting beliefs around my ambitions and dreams.
  • [08:23] - Bob Goff encourages people to find their big ambition, and explore opportunities.
  • [10:28] - Expect setbacks, but clear the path.
  • [12:48] - Bob suggests that you confront the limiting beliefs that make you feel like your ambitions are not available to you.
  • [14:39] - Taking one small step means that you actively participate in life.
  • [17:36] - Bob talks about being in a state of readiness to fully embrace moments of courage.
  • [19:41] - Development and the ambition of Life Calling is connected.
  • [22:32] - How to change the direction of life? Bob Goff explains why you need to know what kind of life you want.
  • [24:11] - Bob encourages people to take notes and be observant of their life.
  • [26:04] - It takes courage and faith to admit that you no longer want to live as you did previously.
  • [28:25] - Bob shares a personal example of embracing new opportunities with excitement, even with a lack of knowledge.
  • [30:37] - Bob’s advice to anyone seeking purpose in life.
  • [33:10] - Be honest about what you’re lacking, and what you’re striving for. There’s no a need to pretend everything is “okay”.
  • [34:59] - Is “dreaming big” a choice or predetermined?”
  • [37:10] - Bob answers a question from the Life Calling deck.
  • [39:24] - Ask questions to help yourself align with the life you want.


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