16: Motherhood as a Calling | Laura Booz

podcast Oct 12, 2021

There are certain lessons that are universal. Lessons that contain a virtue or truth help people to approach similar situations with the wisdom they gained. Today’s guest, Laura Booz, can share lessons from Motherhood that help people understand their calling. Listen as Laura explains her views of motherhood as a calling, why mothers struggle in motherhood, and how to deal with the uncertain times of the maternal journey.

Laura Booz is a mother of six, a farm wife, a speaker, and author. Her book, Expect Something Beautiful: Finding God's Good Gifts in Motherhood, is filled with wise, authentic, and practical teachings for moms. Friend, I can say that you don’t have to be a mom to gain strong takeaways from this conversation. Laura shares advice about committing to a calling, feeling the pull of a calling, and living out a calling. These lessons compliment each other as they come together.

At the start, Laura builds the foundation of the conversation with a surfing analogy. The imagery of searching for a great wave, and catching a great wave. She says her experience writing her book reflects that feeling of navigating and figuring things out. With her book, Laura found an opportunity to position herself in being a mother and writer. It’s all about catching the right moment when things come together.

Sometimes motherhood is a clear open door that is welcoming and undeniable. Other times, motherhood is not glamorous, and seems to be difficult to continue following. However, the true beauty of the role lies in each mother being specifically called into the role and learning how to be faithful within the role. Listen to Chris and Laura speak on listening to your calling, evolving with your calling, and understanding calling based on quotes from Laura’s book. There is power in the faithfulness of following your calling, and there are people and generations who will be influenced by that faithfulness.

Time stamps:

  • [01:51] - Laura Booz shares her experience of raising six kids from ages 2 to 16 on a farm with her husband Ryan.
  • [03:23] - Why did Laura write her book?
  • [05:57] - Laura says she never thought she would write a book about motherhood, until she realized her insight is useful to others outside of herself.
  • [08:28] - There are times the pull of your calling is so strong, it barely feels optional.
  • [11:03] - Motherhood is not always glamorous, but Laura emphasizes how the beauty of the role lies in each mother being specifically called into the role.
  • [12:35] - Chris and Laura speak on mothers being life-givers despite the “thankless” and “unseen” aspects that can exist in motherhood. 
  • [15:30] - The calling of motherhood is profound and redemptive.
  • [16:33] - What are Laura’s thoughts about motherhood versus personal potential? Is there an intersection of both?
  • [19:00] - In motherhood, your efforts will be honored as you maintain the faith of the efforts you sow.
  • [21:20] - Believe in the blooming of your child, but also believe in the blooming of yourself. Laura shares the idea of growth as women go through motherhood.
  • [23:34] - Sometimes moms might feel as if they are lacking in their purpose of life, but anyone in life in service holds a specialized purpose.
  • [26:07] - Laura gets transparent about how her relationship with her faith impacted her life on the journey of motherhood.
  • [28:42] - Listen to Laura’s words of assurance to women and men about losing children.
  • [31:14] - In hard times, ask: What should I do with my heart today?
  • [34:10] - Laura recalls this small moment that had a larger impact than expected.
  • [36:22] - Which motherhood moments bring Laura joy?
  • [39:15] - Hear Laura discuss which topics she finds herself gravitating towards these days as part of her calling.
  • [40:50] - Chris and Laura reflect on dealing with self-conscious thoughts.
  • [43:09] - Chris encourages people to understand insight about ourselves to find direction towards calling.
  • [44:27] - Thank you to Laura, and thank you for listening!



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