24: How a Nonprofit Strategist Thinks of Calling

Life Calling can be fulfilled through work. This isn’t always the case, but there are roles that allow us to share our Life Calling and support our lifestyle. One example that comes to mind is a job at a nonprofit. Today, we’ll look at the nonprofit field as a place where people can openly pursue various callings.

Nonprofits typically tackle issues that require attention, solutions, and people willing to use their gifts in service of the initiative. Today’s guest has 30+ years of experience as a nonprofit executive, and currently guides people through the process of forming a nonprofit.

Kim Fisher is the founder of Vision Catalyst, a business that helps build nonprofit organizations. She works with people to fulfill their vision around a cause they would like to address, or make better. Kim held numerous leadership roles in nonprofits, has coaching experience, and worked with both domestic and international organizations. All of her experiences led her to this point of helping others in their own journey.

Can a nonprofit’s purpose be a direct reflection of a person’s Life Calling? Listen as Kim shares real examples of people building nonprofits from a place of purpose, and how people decide on the purpose of the nonprofit. Actually turning a Life Calling into an organization can be more work than people realize. Gladly, Kim adds advice on when to start a nonprofit, and talks through the common challenges people face in trying to start a nonprofit.

Kim uses her expertise to help her clients’ ideas mesh with reality, rather than the two clashing. She helps clients dream big, while keeping practicality in mind. Every person’s origin story contains critical pieces that influence their journey. Kim discusses picking up lessons along the journey, the need to take risks, learning to embrace failures, and working through the shame of failure.

Nonprofits are an option for living out Life Calling in a way that is specific to a theme, concern, or topic close to a person’s idea of their purpose. Listen to this conversation with Kim if you would ever consider incorporating nonprofit work into your Life Calling.

Time stamps:

  • [00:18] - Kim Fisher enjoys adventure, culture and people.
  • [03:12] - Kim specializes in forming nonprofits, from handling their business structure to the paperwork.
  • [04:56] - Most clients Kim works with come to her in very early stages of development.
  • [07:01] - Can a nonprofit mission be seen as a calling? Kim gives examples from her clients.
  • [09:36] - Kim shares inspiring missions that she helped as clients. One example empowers survivors of human trafficking.
  • [11:40] - Kim shares inspiring missions that she helped with. The clients sometimes have very unique solutions.
  • [13:44] - What are the most common challenges and mistakes of starting a nonprofit?
  • [16:08] - When should someone start a nonprofit? How can someone tell if they shouldn’t start a nonprofit?
  • [18:58] - Kim’s life journey prepared her for the role she is currently in. How did she go from banking to nonprofits?
  • [21:40] - What moment started Kim’s business?
  • [23:28] - Every person’s origin story contains critical pieces that influence their journey.
  • [25:25] - Kim shares her thoughts on using failure to grow, and become better.
  • [27:47] - How does Kim’s faith impact her perspective of her calling?
  • [30:13] - Kim aims to help people find who they are in their own journey.
  • [31:49] - Here are Kim’s tips for people seeking their calling.
  • [33:54] - Friends, thank you for listening and engaging! Catch you next time!


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