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4 Ways to Create the Right Environment for Your Strengths

strengths Dec 14, 2019

I've said that employee engagement is the responsibility of the organization, managers, and employees. Employees ought to know what personally drives them to feel engaged, what factors cause them to give their discretionary best. If something is amiss at work, they can explore what’s missing. The same goes for talents and strengths.

What I mean is, employees ought to know what feeds their engagement. Just as one employee may feel most connected at work if she has a best friend there,...

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Saying Goodbye to Nana

personal Dec 14, 2019

I’ve said goodbye to my Nana (Grandma) many times before. But last week I said goodbye for the last time. Well, the last time on this earth anyway. It was one of the most powerful moments of my entire life.

Nana was 84 years old and her body was giving out. She – still sweet, soft and beautiful – lay in a hospital bed. I knew when I entered her room that I was saying goodbye, but when she offered me a gift, I didn’t expect it.

Nana had already given me lots of gifts....

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Why the Enneagram is Good for Business

enneagram Dec 14, 2019

The Enneagram is making the rounds in social media, self-improvement circles, and spiritual communities, but is it good for business? In this post, we explore that question.

But first, some background. The Enneagram (meaning "nine figures" in Greek) began in the fourth century as a psycho-spiritual tool by the Christian desert fathers who wanted to encourage spiritual growth and put down sin. The Enneagram describes the nine core drives of humanity that color our behaviors, relationships,...

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