7: What Your Unplanned Time Is Saying

Every now and then, life takes a spontaneous turn that frees up space in your daily schedule. Maybe a meeting was postponed. Maybe a friend had to cancel lunch at the last minute.  Suddenly a gap of time is in the schedule. What you do with that unplanned time says something about you.

At first, you may find yourself blanking on what to do. It’s possible you subconsciously move on to a random task. Imagine if that time was used intentionally. This approach of paying attention to unplanned time is what I am discussing today.

I’m actually recording from the road today, and wanted to pop-in to keep in touch with you. My wife and I are celebrating our 20th anniversary. Choosing to love someone is a different feeling. To help you understand “unplanned time”, I reflect on the way I spend time with a significant other, and how the way I am now changed from a situation I constantly found myself in during an earlier relationship. It was an important lesson in how choice is affected when we have the freedom to choose.

More importantly, I learned that what we choose to do with our time, especially sudden free time, can tell us a lot about how we feel in our life, and what we value in our life. It’s similar to this question: “What would you do if you knew you wouldn’t fail?” That question releases you of your mindset limits, so naturally, you choose activities closer to what your heart actually desires. With unplanned time, the gap in your schedule releases the performance of showing up in reaction to the world around you. 

During this discussion, I talk through the three main reasons that make unplanned time precious, but overall, that time allows you to make a decision that reflects the life you are building. Continuing to make those spontaneous decisions can give you wisdom to know yourself better, and to be closer to your True Life Calling. Your desire can influence your unplanned time, and looking at what you choose to do will lead you to your brave next step.

Time stamps:

  • [00:19] - I’m recording from the road today, and wanted to pop-in to keep in touch with you.
  • [02:03] - Today we talk about time. What happens to unplanned time?
  • [03:18] - People have a choice of how to spend their unplanned time and what they will work towards.
  • [06:00] - Here’s what the activities you do during planned time and unplanned time can show you about yourself.
  • [07:32] - Why does unplanned time differ from unplanned time? I share the three reasons that make unplanned time precious.
  • [08:54] - Your desire leads and influences what you do during your unplanned time.
  • [10:18] - I give examples of the reasons that influence what we do in our approach to unplanned time.
  • [11:21] - Sometimes the unplanned becomes planned when aligned with a True Calling. Pay attention to these moments.
  • [13:57] - Decide what you do want to do, and what you don’t want to do with your time.
  • [14:51] - Reflect on what your time says about what you are choosing to value.


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