6: But what if you fly?


Many times, we know the next step but we don’t want to take it. It’s not that we’re indecisive, it’s that we talk ourselves out of making a choice. We let the next step linger. Yet, what could be holding us back? Let’s figure out how to move forward from where we are hesitant and stuck.

Failure is a common reason people find themselves avoiding the next step, so today I talk about taking big and small steps towards larger goals. A poem by Erin Hanson gives a great way to think about the next step: a chance to fly. People don’t like to feel failure since the word can be attached to a negative meaning. They avoid the chance to fly altogether thinking that they will fail or “fall”. To that thought, like Erin Hanson, I ask the question “But what if you fly?”

I want to encourage everyone to step into the substance of purpose. My own Life Calling includes failures, lessons, epiphanies, and triumph. I am on the journey with you. In today’s solo episode, I explore different reasons that convince us not to move forward, and what a next step towards purpose can look like for anyone. I also discuss how having a growth mindset impacts a journey versus having a fixed mindset. 

From the perspective of a growth mindset, failure can actually be used for our good. We should aim to be a learner and take lessons away from our failures. Most things in life are repairable. It doesn’t really matter if you fail; experiences and redirections on our path can add up to something wonderful.

Not trying to fly is a bigger risk than falling. The sky is too wide to waste a chance to fly. We can all soar in a way that celebrates our authentic path. Rather than regretting years that passed without change, let’s discover what steps to take from moment to moment in our Life Calling.

Time stamps:

  • [00:20] - I take time to acknowledge people working in Children and Youth services after working with an organization recently.
  • [01:38] - Thank you to the two amazing guests, Bob Goff and Josh Davis, for giving great advice and spending time on the Life Calling Today podcast.
  • [03:33] - Today’s show is a solo episode, and this poem by Erin Hanson inspired the topic of today’s podcast.
  • [06:35] - William Wilberforce, an English politician and abolitionist, chose to live his philanthropy through his professional work.
  • [08:20] - William tried to abolish slavery for 20 years, before a bill finally passed.
  • [10:33] - Here is my story of flying. I share with you a huge decision to live my calling in a larger capacity.
  • [12:30] - We each have a step towards our Life Calling that can change the trajectory of our path. What would that step look like?
  • [14:17] - It’s not that we don’t know the next step, it’s that we don’t take it. We let the next step linger.
  • [15:52] - Here is the difference of impact a fixed mindset and growth mindset can have.
  • [17:35] - I tell you a story of learning a lesson from a failure that helped redirect the way I follow my Life Calling.
  • [20:15] - Failing creates an experience that adds to our journey. Besides failure, what could possibly be holding you back?
  • [22:56] - We’re all responsible for our own lives. We can’t let obstacles stay in our way.
  • [25:00] - Do this to move closer to taking your next step.


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