3: What is Life Calling?

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Every now and then, you’ll be in the middle of a task that has a natural flow. Being in that flow can be fast and exhilarating or gradual and peaceful, simply, the common thread is that you experience that flow. Steady in that moment, you think to yourself “I was made for this”. That can inform your Life Calling.

Stepping into your Life Calling is a journey, and everyone begins in a different place. Some people know what they want to pursue already, and live according to that passion. Some people are still in the process of discovering their purposeful contribution to this life. Some people are using their talents casually, but do not recognize those very same abilities are part of their Life Calling. Today, I want to share my thoughts around Life Calling, and see what resonates with you.

At one point in my journey, I learned to pay attention to these moments of feeling like “I was made for this”, or “I could do this forever”. Those become important signals to guide us toward our true contribution to this world. Becoming more aware of our Life Calling opens a path filled with experiences. Honestly, there’s no absolute destination in this Life Calling journey; there’s only movement from experience to experience.

Starting a journey is usually the part people feel the most resistance with. I’ll help get you started by explaining the four components of recognizing and pursuing your Life Calling. The four components are supernatural purpose, bringing good to the world, creating personal joy and meaning, and utilizing any innate strengths. Knowing what to look for will help you to aim your strengths. 

You don’t need to be famous or have widespread impact, to live a meaningful Life Calling. There are everyday actions and roles that provide purpose and service in this world. Since no purpose is too big or too small, you should also realize that you can have multiple callings. Sometimes, those callings can be going on at one time. Let’s take time to reflect on how much we are connected to our Life Calling at this point in our journey. 

Time stamps:

  • [00:20] - I share my paddleboarding story. I’ll tell you why it was a great analogy for following your Life Calling.
  • [02:42] - There’s a declaration and feeling behind Life Calling you can’t miss.
  • [04:29] - The four components of Life Calling are supernatural purpose, bringing good to the world, creating personal joy and meaning, and utilizing innate strengths.
  • [05:08] - “Supernatural purpose” is the stronger sense of purpose that goes beyond yourself. I speak on how “beyond” is open to your worldview.
  • [07:41] - “Bringing good to the world” emphasizes that your Life Calling impacts others positively. “Creates personal joy and meaning” is the portion of Life Calling that fuels you by tapping into a meaningful energy.
  • [10:41] - “Utilizing innate strengths” relates to the abilities that we naturally have or that we develop, and leveraging those talents in our Life Calling.
  • [12:33] - We can have multiple callings, and sometimes, those callings can be going on at one time. 
  • [14:04] - I share with you how Harriet Tubman is an example of fearlessly following your Life Calling with the four components.
  • [16:17] - Despite feeling hesitant, Harriet Tubman chose to be an active player rather than a bystander in the journey of life.
  • [18:45] - Harriet Tubman’s decision matrix to live her Life Calling created a positive ripple effect that brought good into the world.
  • [21:11] - Action and faith are a combination that fueled Harriet Tubman, and helped her leverage her innate strengths.
  • [23:39] - What did you resonate with today that made you think of your journey in your Life Calling?


Chris Heinz

Chris Heinz Co.


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