25: The Christmas Episode

Holidays like Christmas are usually filled with cheer, joy, feasts, decorations, and movie marathons. What if Christmas doesn’t seem like Christmas anymore? Do you ever feel like Christmas and the holiday spirit skipped by? Today, we’ll talk about spending the Christmas season with celebration and intention.

Let’s talk about keeping joy at the heart of Christmas. People come together during this magical time, and it’s this kind of moment where we can make an impact. During this episode, I’ll share the three acts of Christmas that allow us to feel more present during the holiday season as the year wraps up. It’s true that we can celebrate with intention. Listen as I discuss the story of Christmas, and read scripture to help everyone see the story in a different light.

We’ll walk together through the three acts of Christmas: darkness, light, and being light-bearers. Each portion carries an important lesson to ground us during this Christmas season. We start off by recognizing the darkness. Then, we appreciate the light that comes to disperse the darkness. Later, we become the ones to share the light. In the episode, I provide more context on how each portion is connected.

You can’t really celebrate the light until you recognize the darkness. Then once you receive the light, you can be a light bearer. Use this Christmas season to live with intention around the three acts, and spread the holiday cheer with the people you come across. Even celebrating Christmas can be a calling where we celebrate intentionally.

Friend, I’m not sure how Christmas felt for you lately, but it’s never too late to hop into holiday cheer. Listen to this episode for context on the Christmas acts, how you can incorporate the acts into this holiday season, and why Christmas can be purposeful in life. Hopefully, after today’s podcast, we’ll avoid any feeling of wasting Christmas or Christmas seeming empty by remembering these three acts of Christmas.

Time stamps:

  • [00:18] - Do you ever feel like Christmas and the holiday spirit skipped by?
  • [01:48] - Let’s discuss the three acts of Christmas, starting with ACT 1: Darkness.
  • [04:01] - When completely in the dark, there’s anticipation for finding the light.
  • [06:55] - There is preparation for the light.
  • [08:38] - After the darkness, let’s receive something brighter in ACT 2: Light.
  • [10:57] - Light comes to disperse darkness.
  • [12:52] - How do you feel when the light finally comes into your life?
  • [15:39] - Retell the Christmas story in ACT 3: Being light-bearers.
  • [17:09] - As light-bearers, we report the message, and retell the story.
  • [18:42] - Everyone, I hope you have a wonderful and merry Christmas with the three acts.


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