23: How Shall We Live?

When we sense the end is near, we suddenly have a larger sense of urgency. Take the end of the year for example. With so much to get done, everyone is trying their best to prepare for year-end festivities. Today’s episode is a reflection on the motivation behind this sense of urgency, and why this can inspire how we live our lives year-round.

Life is getting busier with the end-of-the-year holiday season in full swing. From planning gifts to attending events, people’s to-do lists are filled. There are others that feel a sense of grief, ending, or rebirth as the year comes to a close. No matter which perspective we take, we can agree we’re in a unique and temporary season.

Wouldn’t it be great to feel that sense of agency and direction all year? People typically ask the question “How shall we live?”, and maybe the answer is to live like the end is near. That perspective helps you make decisions, since it creates intention and clarifies priorities.

Listen to this episode where I share three foundational thinking-points of why living as if the end is near can help you walk in your Life Calling. It’s fascinating. There’s a sense of choice. There’s a sense of agency. We can decide how to make the most of our days. I’ll talk about how keeping the end in mind helps shape today’s decisions, why you need to keep a clear mind, loving others, and where to use the gifts of our Life Calling.

To use your gifts, you have to know who you are and what you bring, and aim those gifts towards service. While embracing the year-end celebrations, we can turn the lessons of this holiday season into wisdom for moving forward. Walking in your calling requires you to have a clear mind, and love people through your calling in service to one another. Let us welcome empathy, humility, and patience as we walk in our Life Calling.

Time stamps:

  • [00:18] - Things are getting busier as the end-of-the-year holiday season is picking up!
  • [03:14] - How shall we live? Like the end is near.
  • [05:27] - Living as if the end is near helps to create intention and clarity.
  • [07:39] - Having the end in mind can provide guidance in life decisions.
  • [08:45] - Be mindful of distractions coming your way.
  • [10:15] - Make time to clear your mind.
  • [11:01] - Be serious about loving one another.
  • [11:55] - What’s the difference in the way people handle disagreement as we learn to love one another?
  • [14:21] - Here is how we shall live. Does this way of life relate to Life Calling?
  • [15:58] - Friends, thank you for listening and engaging! Catch you next time!


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