21: Questions from the Audience

Do you have questions on what to pursue in life? Well, you’re not the only one. People tend to explore their purpose in life often. In fact, a few of us gathered at the Life Calling Virtual Summit with Bob Goff to discuss our pursuit of what we are called to contribute to this world. During the Life Calling Virtual Summit we held a Q&A, but didn’t get a chance to answer all the questions. Today’s episode is filled with discussion regarding questions from the event. 

Before that, I want to personally thank the attendees for participating in the summit. We had a great discussion! As we continue to learn about our Life Calling, we’re able to support each other. I look forward to the next time we interact.

For today’s discussion we’re answering three specific questions from the virtual summit. Each question is tied to a different aspect of fulfilling your Life Calling. To give you a preview, the questions all touch on how to confirm a Life Calling: vetting with trusted others, matching Life Calling to the current season of life, and aligning purpose with faith. Learn how these confirmations require a shift in focus depending on what is being compared or vetted, and be ready to take action on the methods to get closer to realizing your Life Calling.

How exactly can we touch on actionable tips for Life Calling with three questions? Easy. I’ll be providing the context for the answers, alongside options for approaching the confirmations. I know none of us are the same, so giving options allows you room to tailor the approach for your life and your purpose.

Learn techniques to refine your idea of Life Calling without getting information overload. In this digestible episode, learn how to beat bias by forming effective questions about your purpose, make the most out of feedback you gather, discern “passion” from “calling”, and match your purpose with your faith. Here is where you learn to feed your pursuits in a healthy way while prioritizing effectively. Ultimately, this episode talks about how you can fundamentally live your Life Calling in the current context of your life.

Time stamps:

  • [00:18] - Here are three excellent questions from people who attended the Life Calling Virtual Summit.
  • [02:44] - How do you test the “trusted others” group? First, let’s talk about how to form this group.
  • [04:31] - Do this if you are asking a trusted individual for feedback on a certain Life Calling you want to pursue.
  • [07:00] - Listen to my own story of using the “trusted others” method when I considered a change in my employment status.
  • [08:35] - How to deal with a low energy level when lacking drive to pursue a Life Calling?
  • [10:59] - The way we live out our calling in daily life can change over time with us.
  • [13:22] - What’s the connection and difference between the words “passion” and “calling”?
  • [16:09] - How do you know if an idea or dream is in line with God’s purpose for you?
  • [18:31] - Here are the three suggestions of where to go to guide your decision on if a Life Calling is the one to pursue alongside your faith.
  • [20:50] - Friends, thank you for listening and engaging! Catch you next time!


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