2: True to Yourself

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Let’s talk about having no regrets and going all in for your one true life. Deciding to make our own choices is one of the first steps to living our one true calling. We must take the chance to ignore the myths we were told about the path of fitting into the life planned by others for us. In theory, we’d be more than happy to live our true life, but sometimes that transition comes with obstacles. Shouldn’t living our true life be an easy thing?

Thinking about this theme, I realize a transformation calls for us to intentionally step outside of our normal cadence. Doing the opposite, and letting days slip by, can be referred to as an unlived life. Most of us experience at least a phase of this pressure, where we are only going through the motions. That pulls us further away from our purpose. I share with you how we can live consciously in our days to make the most of the time we have while living. 

Every day is a new opportunity to choose differently, yet we don’t have an endless set of tomorrows. Don’t get to the point of not being able to make up for time that already passed. We’ll talk about the top five regrets of the dying, and the one common answer that relates to our conversations today.

You might live someone else’s life and not your own if not careful. A great journey in life is about growing into who we really are. It’s about becoming, and it’s about our one true calling. Are your actions for your life or someone else’s life? It’s really good to assess where we’re at, since if we don’t assess where we’re at we can’t make plans to get to where we want to go. Let me know about that one step you took toward living your one true calling.


Time stamps:

[00:52] - Let me tell you about the concept of an unlived life.

[03:16] - Are your actions for your life or someone else’s life?

[04:51] - I tell you what I tried to do to fit in with the “popular” guys. Here’s what I learned about what was wrong with my approach.

[07:42] - It becomes a big trap for us to think we have to be different people.

[10:36] - Let’s look at a few obstacles that come up when we try to live our true life, starting with seeking approval.

[13:12] - Disidentifying can be another form of an obstacle that can cause us to lose parts of ourselves, even if it came from a good intention.

[15:02] - Sometimes it’s easier to stay on the path you started walking, but you may need to redirect your momentum.

[17:16] - Mindsets and beliefs hold you back. Mindsets and beliefs can also propel you forward.

[19:17] - I want you to make the most of your days while you can still do something about it.

[20:50] - What is one adjustment you can make today to live a life true to yourself?


Chris Heinz

Chris Heinz Co.


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