17: How Values Empower Life Calling

Do you ever wonder how some people seem so sure and clear about their decisions? Do you admire people who seem to “stay true” to themselves? People that are in tune with their decisions and identity are usually people who intentionally choose what to care about. You can do the same thing. What you choose to care about becomes your values. Your values allow you to align with the way you would like to show up in the world, including your Life Calling.

Today, we’ll discuss how values empower your life. Your values are your nonnegotiables. Since values reflect your priority belief, these values influence your presence in the world. To choose one value means you measure them against other values, and choose your preference. In this case, you select the values that best fit your life. Now, this doesn’t make other values incorrect, the need to choose is to have a reason or a gut feeling behind your own decisions.

Friend, I will tell you that once you realize your values, you’ll start to notice your set of priority beliefs differ when the setting changes. Different values govern different parts of our life. In a separate setting, you may find your priorities shifting include work, family, or personal time. Context determines how your values are on display.

Despite your values responding to the context you find yourself in, your Life Calling remains the same. Each setting, role, or participation is you living your Life Calling in different contexts. You empower your calling by having clarity of your priority beliefs, or values. In today’s episode, learn how you can identify a value, how to build awareness about what is important to you, and why your overarching life calling inspires your values.

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Time stamps:

  • [00:26] - There’s an exciting event coming up!
  • [01:56] - Here’s a lesson on sticking to your values from a story of Catholic Nuns in 1940s London.
  • [04:52] - What is a “value”?
  • [06:20] - How do we choose and measure our values?
  • [08:32] - Certain values can be different depending on the part of our life the value addresses.
  • [10:32] - Let’s see how values can shift depending on the setting. I’ll talk you through it.
  • [12:24] - Your overarching calling displays differently according to the context you find yourself in.
  • [14:48] - Do a values assessment so you can build awareness about what is important to you.
  • [17:13] - How aware are you of your personal values? Here is an action step to help you improve.
  • [19:02] - Thank you for joining us today, friend!


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