15: Unpacking Your Strengths

When you take a step in a journey and find yourself wanting to know more, that is a sign that something sparked inside you. After receiving questions about last week’s topic, today’s solo episode will go further and deeper. Friend, here is another chance to take one brave step. Listen to today’s discussion on understanding strengths and implementing your personal strengths.

Honoring your strengths is similar to honoring your potential. Without the use of your strengths, there’s a level of service and performance you are not tapping into. Part of growing in your journey is self-awareness; it’s a cliché filled with a lot of truth. Honor your strengths and potential by getting to know yourself better.

Let’s go through methods that allow you to get a better idea of your strengths, and how you can use your strengths. In the episode, I talk about three ways you can identify your strengths. To make it easy, I use three As:

  • Assessment
  • Attention
  • Affirmation

Then, I describe four categories connected to how you may be inclined to carry out your personal strengths. Knowledge of your strengths and how you tend to approach your strengths are your personal form of leverage.

Strengths allow you to contribute in society positively, and almost effortlessly. Following your strengths contains a flow as these are the talents that are usually innate. Not every strength you identify will be in full bloom. Perhaps there is a sign of a strength or talent that needs more development. Listen to learn the definition of strengths, how to cultivate strengths, and what strengths have to do with calling.

Understand the unique ways you’re wired to live out your strengths. You're leaving a big part of yourself out if you don’t take time to become aware of your strengths. At the very least, start off by identifying what strengths you can lean towards more in your life. Hey friend, you’re gifted. Pay attention to how your strengths inform your calling.

Time stamps:

  • [00:18] - I heard that you have questions after last week’s episode about strengths, so today’s episode is about unpacking your strengths.
  • [02:03] - Let’s discuss how to define, identify, and give clarity to strengths.
  • [03:54] - Here are three ways to identify your strengths to start recognizing your talents. First is “Assessment”.
  • [05:26] - Second is “Attention”. When you use your strengths, there is a difference in your attention and energy.
  • [07:24] - Third is “Affirmation”. Pay attention to affirmations around you.
  • [09:07] - Here is how I define strengths. Strengths can appear in a number of ways, like William Wilberforce. 
  • [11:16] - Mother Teresa is a person who used her strengths to amplify her Life Calling.
  • [12:37] - I tell you about Wilbert Awdry, and explain how his work connects to his calling.
  • [14:14] - Great impact is created by positive results from using talents and strengths in the right direction.
  • [15:41] - I describe executing, thinking, relating to others, and influencing in terms of talents.
  • [18:38] - What do strengths have to do with calling? Everything.
  • [20:55] - Develop strengths over time to continue fueling your calling.


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