13: Finding Your Place of Service in the World

Every single person walks through a unique set of life circumstances with the power to one day share the skills and lessons from the journey. For instance, my friend Roy Malpas grew up in the slums of Manila, Philippines until a turn of events placed him in a better setting. Roy became more grounded as an adult and found purpose in going back to his community to be a positive influence. His story is the story we all share of carving our purpose. Today, let’s talk about finding your place of service in the world.

Your place of “service” can come in many forms. What you contribute could be in the form of a job, a hobby, or a role in someone’s life. It doesn’t matter what form your service takes, the moment you recognize your service you align with your calling. How can you recognize when you match a service? When does a calling appear? The short answer is “It depends on if you’re paying attention.”

Friend, I encourage you to check in with yourself about how you process your life journey. Many parts of your journey can inform you on where you have the most insight. Lean towards examining how you interpret your life. What stories are you telling yourself? Listen to hear how the intersection of pain and hope relates to a calling, how to make note of what moves your heart, and what to do when a calling is not exciting or thrilling. 

Extraordinary callings happen when ordinary people say “yes”. Ironically, we all are ordinary people, so you already qualify for an extraordinary calling. It is with agency, duty, and joy that people have the ability to act on a calling. Friend, the same is true for you. Small steps make big differences. What steps are in front of you today?

Time stamps:

  • [01:04] - Listen to the empowering story of my friend Roy Malpas and his positive influence on the slums from his childhood.
  • [02:53] - Sometimes your place of service is where pain and hope intersect.
  • [05:52] - Pay attention to what burns your heart.
  • [07:58] - What happens when you check your feelings, and you notice anger? Anger can incite action.
  • [10:01] - Joy and purpose are still attainable in fulfilling the duty of calling.
  • [12:32] - Know how to balance efforts through the different seasons of life.
  • [14:10] - Remain grounded in mundane or tedious seasons.
  • [15:33] - Extraordinary callings happen when ordinary people say “yes”.
  • [17:15] - Friend, we have the ability to act. Small steps make big differences.
  • [18:47] - What steps are in front of you today?


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