11: How Calling Creates Stability in an Uncertain World

Reality check; the world can be a bit unstable, and we develop our own way of navigating life. That idea may start as a  “downer”, but I’ll explain why our own way of navigating life is actually inspirational. The truth is that we’re living in a shaky world looking for stability. Yet even in a shaky world, we don’t have to be rocked by the world around us.

Stability is a life aspect that can bring relief into a person’s life, and releases a person from the overwhelm of an unpredictable world. Where do you go to find stability and security? People may place their trust in God, a close knit community, family, banks, and/or insurance companies. These are all external forces people choose to believe in. In this powerfully compact episode, I explain to you why Life Calling can be a place of stability.

Global unrest and chaos can be discouraging, but we have control over the pursuit of our Calling. Dreaming, discovering, and daring to act upon Calling is our choice. Calling has four ways of being a stabilizing power. I specifically describe four illustrations of calling to give imagery of what it means to carry out calling. These examples are inspired by Os Guinness, Victor Frankl, organizational psychologists, and the motion picture Titanic.

Listen as I share with you why Life Calling causes us to refocus and regain our grip on living our authentic purpose. The seemingly disconnected portions of our stories combine to create a well-written storyline when looking through the lense of Calling. Calling is an anchor of purpose. When we are true to our Calling, we can truly be grounded in our approach to making the most of our gifts. I don’t know what uncertainties we’ll face in our day-to-day life, but I do know Calling creates stability in an uncertain world. Friend, let me ask you.... What are you doing with your Calling?

Time stamps:

  • [01:08] - This study done by Gallup shows what people look for in leaders and leadership.
  • [02:35] - Here are the four reasons People gave during the study: Trust, Compassion, Hope, and Stability. Let’s focus on “Stability”.
  • [03:20] - People usually find security in places that give us relief, like values or community.
  • [04:01] - People can find a stable place of relief in Life Calling.
  • [04:48] - We have individual responsibility to live out our own Life Calling.
  • [05:42] - Calling helps us make sense of our experiences in a well-written storyline.
  • [07:35] - Calling is an anchor of purpose that keeps us grounded and continuing forward.
  • [09:35] - Calling is a lighthouse in dark and desperate times.
  • [11:26] - Calling can be a steady place of service when the setting is shifting.
  • [12:30] - Calling creates stability in an uncertain world.


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