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Going through life, we sometimes wander aimlessly after letting society or situations have more influence than our own instincts. When we find ourselves feeling disconnected to life, that may be a sign that we are not living our true life calling. We can bravely reclaim our purpose in life despite feeling lost or feeling it’s too late. Our true life calling is a gift to ourselves and the lives we encounter, so discovering where we are meant to live out our purpose is a worthwhile journey.

Life Calling Today welcomes everyone that is willing to go on the journey to living a purposeful life. Here, we want to explore the topic of life calling, and help each other take our next brave step to make the most of our one true life. 

As an introduction, we’ll get to learn more about what brought the Life Calling Today podcast into existence. I’m your host, Chris Heinz, and I will explain who I am, the purpose of the podcast, how I relate to you, and why you might connect with this podcast. I can identify with all sorts of reasons why you might be here, and I’m learning alongside you. That’s part of how Chris Heinz Co. started, and how I continue to create resources for growth that spur on personal progress and development.

It’s never too late to start working toward our one true calling, and it’s never too late to reroute our journey. We don’t always need to restart from the beginning. In fact, sometimes we can’t go back to the beginning. We can only take one single, simple step in a new direction to get back on track to our life calling.

People who feel they want to make the most out of their purpose will find the Life Calling Today podcast as a place to hear stories of triumph and mindful lessons. We’ll have conversations with guests who learned to take small steps in their journey to get where they are now. Today, listen to my personal story of changing direction after being established in a full-time career.

Time stamps:

[00:35] - By the end of the episode, we’ll understand a lot about the Life Calling Today podcast and why we came together.

[01:21] - On this podcast, we can explore our life calling to fully live our purpose.

[02:03] - What connects to my life calling?

[03:16] - Together, we can take brave steps to live a purposeful life.

[03:53] - Just get on the journey! It’s never too late.

[04:32] - It’s never too late to start, and it’s never too late to get back on track.

[06:05] - Reasons behind the moment to find our true calling.

[08:28] - As we live, discontentment can be a good thing that leads to a new direction. I share my own experience of moments aligning with my change in direction.

[10:26] - What did I do when a new path opened up?

[11:34] - I am just like YOU. We’re all learning.

[12:50] - Let’s take one small step toward our life calling.


Chris Heinz

Chris Heinz Co.


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