How the 34 Strengths Do Disney World

34 strengths strengths Dec 29, 2019

My friend recently took his family to Disney World®. Knowing his strengths, I got to thinking about how he "does" Disney, and how might someone else with different strengths do Disney differently? In this post, we consider how the 34 strengths might behave in the Magic Kingdom®.

By "34 strengths," we’re referring to the 34 CliftonStrengths® developed by behavioral psychologist Donald Clifton (Happy Birthday). Knowing your top strengths has great value for life and work, even going on vacation!

Learn how the 34 talent themes are triggered by stress and can find relief.

Here’s how the 34 strengths might do Disney:

Achiever®: You eat lunch while running to the next ride

Activator®: You buy Disney tickets after seeing a commercial, and then talk to your spouse about it

Adaptability®: You show up and see what happens

Analytical®: You study the possible routes around the park, accounting for variances in weather, ride closures, time of day, and park attendance

Arranger®: You fit all the requests from different family members into one cohesive schedule

Belief®: You remind yourself after you get the bill why you even went to Disney in the first place

Command®: You provide clear instructions when your daughter has wee-ed herself

Communication®: You post your adventure on social media, minute-by-minute

Competition®: You spot a family getting out of their van and run ahead to beat them

Connectedness®: You realize that every Black Friday stampede you’ve experienced has prepared you for this current trip to Disney

Consistency®: You alert the ride operator when there are line jumpers

Context®: You go on a tour about the history of Disney

Deliberative®: You study travel guides, read expert blogs, consult with family and friends, and call a travel agent to help you decide if you should go to Disney

Developer®: You let your child choose the day’s activities

Discipline®: You create a daily budget and stick to it

Empathy®: You notice all the feelings of people in the park

Focus®: You avoid distractions (cotton candy, restrooms, lemonade, characters, show times, other rides, your long lost friend) on the way to your destination

Futuristic®: You spend all your time in Tomorrowland

Harmony®: You tag along

Ideation®: You come up with genius ideas for new rides and wonder how Disney ever missed them

Includer®: You slow down to walk with the ones lagging behind

Individualization®: You stop for a photo with every Disney character, marveling at their costumes

Input®: You collect trading pins and trading coins

Intellection®: You explain to your kids the mechanics behind the rides

Learner®: You consume books, blog posts, podcasts, and video tutorials on Disney before, during, and after the trip

Maximizer®: You improve the plan, then improve it again, then improve it again

Positivity®: You ingest the sunshine dreams, fantastic glee, and fairytale magic of the happiest place on earth and almost explode

Relator®: You visit Disney with your grownup friends and don't think it’s weird

Responsibility®: You pick up trash that isn't yours and throw it away

Restorative™: You figure out why the stroller doesn't run smoothly and fix it

Self-Assurance®: You know your plan is the best

Significance®: You pay for a trip to Disney for another family

Strategic®: You spot the ride closure ahead, see alternative paths, and select one to get to your destination

Woo®: You start conversations with strangers in line

How else might the strengths do Disney? Let us know in the comment field.

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