Halloween Costumes for the 34 Strengths

34 strengths strengths Dec 29, 2019

It's Halloween time, so we got to thinking how our strengths might dress up for the holiday. We've already considered how the strengths may celebrate their birthday, do Disney World® and choose a baby name. In this post, we wonder how they may dress on Halloween.

By "34 strengths," we're referring to the 34 CliftonStrengths® of talent. Being aware of your talents, growing them into strengths, and aiming them toward your goals is a key to success in life and work.

Here are costume ideas for the 34 strengths:

Achiever®: Runner with sweat bands who has stamina

Activator®: The Flash who moves quickly

Adaptability®: Reverseable costume that makes adjustments

Analytical®: Inspector with magnifying glass who examines causes

Arranger®: Symphony conductor with baton who arranges the pieces and players

Belief®: Famous ethical character or hero who exemplifies values

Command®: Coach with blow horn who speaks up

Communication®: Poet reciting soliloquy who puts thoughts into words

Competition®: Athlete with trophy or medals who is a winner

Connectedness®: Person wrapped in paper chain links, who shows links between all things

Consistency®: Golfer with club who shows steady consistency

Context®: Famous historical figure who demonstrates the past

Deliberative®: Judge with gavel who makes careful decisions

Developer®: Teacher with kids' marker on face who draws out potential

Discipline®: Fitness trainer with whistle who instills routine and structure

Empathy®: An emotion that feels what others are feeling

Focus®: Spy who focuses on the mission at hand

Futuristic®: Character from a story who is from the future

Harmony®: Hippie with peace signs who lives in harmony

Ideation®: Different costume ideas in one that were never finished

Includer®: Wear a welcome sign to show inclusion and acceptance

Individualization®: Casting director who chooses the right roles

Input®: Librarian with books who collects information

Intellection®: Your favorite concept, principle or theorem that you like to discuss

Learner®: Explorer with binoculars who discovers new territory

Maximizer®: Stock broker with stock charts who maximizes investments

Positivity®: Cheerleader who is joyful and fun

Relator®: Hang pictures of loved ones on yourself to show close relationships

Responsibility®: Sheriff with badge who is loyal and dependable

Restorative™: Plumber with wrench who fixes what's broken

Self-Assurance®: Go as yourself because you're so awesome

Significance®: Evening gown or tuxedo with person snapping photos of you because of the difference you're making in the world

Strategic®: Military officer with stars who uses strategic thinking

Woo®: Interactive costume that involves others

What other costumes would the strengths dress up in?

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