45: How to Be Present in Suffering | Terri Johnson

Have you ever met someone who knows how to smile in the midst of a storm? Life’s trials and traumas cannot destroy a person who remains present. Being present requires awareness, trust, and faith. You gain freedom from lingering fear, comparison, and suffering the moment you ground yourself in the present.

Terri Johnson is an inspiring example of being present. She conquered challenging situations throughout her life, which brought her closer to Christ. Now, at this time in her life, Terri faces an entirely new challenge as she deals with a cancer diagnosis. Most people become discouraged after such news. For Terri, she sees it as another opportunity for Christ to show up in her life. She is a person who can find her smile in the midst of uncertainty.

In this episode, we talk about Terri’s life and how to be present in suffering. Terri says that being present is not always easy, but her life proves it’s possible. Over the years, she learned to be more intentional and vulnerable in her humbling journey. She ties her experiences to her relationship with God where she takes life day by day. Terri also talks about the evidence of Christ’s work throughout her life and how being present helps her create support for herself.

Listen as we discuss how God works everything out, especially when we can’t seem to predict the outcome.

Time stamps:

  • [02:13] - Terri Johnson describes how her life is a tangle of suffering and positivity.
  • [05:02] - “I had to learn to live one day at a time.”
  • [07:17] - Terri tells the story of receiving her cancer diagnosis.
  • [10:15] - What were Terri’s first thoughts after her diagnosis?
  • [12:40] - “I had to learn to ask for help.”
  • [14:46] - Terri says she made a decision that not everyone agreed with. What happened?
  • [17:12] - Trust God to stay aligned with your Calling.
  • [19:30] - Despite uncertainty, you can move forward day by day with confidence.
  • [22:08] - God will take care of everything. Terri shares her perspective on how everything works out no matter the outcome.
  • [24:16] - What does Terri do to adjust to her life now?
  • [26:35] - Terri is exploring what it means to live well and take care of herself. Was there any idea she had to unlearn or shift?
  • [29:49] - At this time, what lesson stands out to Terri the most?

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