44: How to Do What Matters | Teresa McCloy

A lot of people blindly seek external validation and external purpose first, but this rootless pursuit ends up short-lived. In fact, any pursuit of Calling is shallow if you don’t go internally first to figure out your gifts and who you are in Christ. Being curious about how a thing is made shows the intention of its purpose. Likewise, knowing yourself helps you direct your life with stronger discernment.

Teresa McCloy is a Coach, Speaker, Podcaster, Trainer and Creator of the REALIFE Process® helping people to get a handle on life. She is  also the author of Do What Matters: Live From Rest, Not Rush, Using The REALIFE Process. Teresa walks in faithfulness and obedience as she shares her work with coaches, mentors, and other helpers who want to add the REALIFE Process® to their teachings.

In this episode, we talk about Teresa’s life management process and the spiritual practices under the process. Teresa shares how you can organize your life to prioritize what’s meaningful to you, and honor the life you create in partnership with God. We find the foundation of knowing who we are and whose we are allows us to live out our Calling.

Listen as we discuss life tools such as the Rule of Life concept, the foundational triangle, and living from rest.

Time stamps:

  • [00:22] - Teresa McCloy brings her insight on how to live from rest, not rush.
  • [02:00] - Why did Teresa write this book?
  • [04:43] - Teresa looks back on the spirals of her life, and what made her realize she wanted a different path. 
  • [07:43] - Where does the life management framework come from?
  • [09:39] - Teresa talks about living from rest where work and ease coexist.
  • [11:47] - You get to pre-decide what you say “Yes” or “No” to in life.
  • [13:14] - What is a “Rule of Life?”
  • [16:01] - In what ways can the “Rule of Life” concept apply to your routines?
  • [18:02] - Teresa describes how you can categorize your life and prioritize what’s meaningful.
  • [20:51] - Calling comes from both “being” and “doing.”
  • [23:38] - You’re never too old for self discovery.
  • [26:36] - It’s okay to experiment with how you live out your core Calling.
  • [29:28] - Your Calling can be different from season to season.
  • [31:07] - “We have to know what the motivation is.”
  • [33:16] - Managing your life is a lot like caring for a garden.
  • [36:16] - There is nothing new under the sun, but the delivery can differ.
  • [38:30] - This is how you do what matters.


About Teresa McCloy:

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