"Made To Pray"

Book and Prayer Assessment

Find your sweet spot in prayer.

What if you could discover the unique ways you were made to pray? Instead of praying like everyone else, what if you found your very own sweet spot in prayer? How would that change things for you? Today you can get started on your journey to a better prayer life and deeper union with Christ. GO FOR IT!

How do you pray?

Take the free prayer assessment to discover how you most naturally pray.

I used to really struggle with prayer.

My lackluster and inconsistent prayer life made me feel bored and guilty. And I thought, "God probably doesn't want me to feel that way when I spend time with Him." Then I discovered the key to the prayer life I always wanted–a prayer life that is enjoyable, effective, and enduring. 

I discovered my best prayer types.

So can you!

About the Book

Through my book and prayer assessment, you can receive a fresh vision for prayer and identify your best prayer types. Find your voice. You were made to pray!

The book contains 12 different types of prayer, prayer assessment, discussion questions, prayer type chart, and conversation starters.

About Me

I'm Chris Heinz and I wrote Made To Pray and its companion prayer assessment. I'm a writer, trainer, and professional coach focused on helping people live with more passion, purpose, and power. I live in central Pennsylvania with my wife and three children.


"Chris Heinz has a true passion for prayer. I’ve watched him energize audiences with his provoking thoughts. You’ll be energized, too, if you embrace his teaching."

Dannah Gresh
Best Selling Author and Speaker

"This book could radically change how you see God, your life, and your ministry. I believe it will quickly find itself on your “best prayer books” list. "

Dr. Doug Shaw
President, International Students, Inc.

Book Trailer:

"Made to Pray offers a refreshing new perspective that focuses the reader’s attention on God, his ability, his promises and his performance! Guilt-free and grace-full, Made to Pray brings out the fun in prayer and demonstrates how effortless communicating with our heavenly Father was meant to be. "

Allan Scott
Worship Leader and Recording Artist

"Made to Pray is a fresh, biblical guide to developing a satisfying and fruitful prayer life. It’s a must-read for the Body of Christ as we seek a much needed prayer awakening in this generation. "

MaryAlice Isleib
Author and Speaker

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