Remote and Onsite Workshops to Ignite You, Your Team, and Your Workplace

Introduction to Strengths Workshop

This workshop will introduce your team to the principles of talent, identify their top talent themes, and explore the talent mix of the group.

✔︎ Take the CliftonStrengths® (StrengthsFinder) assessment

✔︎ Learn about the 34 talent themes

✔︎ Understand the mix of the team 

✔︎ More advanced topics are also available 

Great performance and relationships come by using your talents and strengths!

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Introduction to Enneagram Workshop

The workshop will introduce your team to the nine motivational drives, help them to start identifying their core drive, and explore the mix of the group. 

✔︎ Take the Enneagram assessment

✔︎ Learn about the nine motivational drives

✔︎ Understand the mix of the team 

Growth and development happen by understanding why we do what we do!

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Building a Strengths-Based Culture Workshop

This workshop will help leaders and influencers to build a strengths movement within their culture that continues to thrive.

✔︎ Learn the six keys of a sustainable strengths culture

✔︎ Get practical ideas on making strengths stick

✔︎Create strategies for moving forward

You can create an enduring Strengths culture in practical ways!

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Management Strategies for Boosting Engagement Workshop

This workshop will share today’s workplace trends, principles of engagement, and tips for creating an engagement strategy for your workplace.

✔︎ Discover the top drivers of engagement

✔︎ Learn how to measure engagement at your organization

✔︎ Create a plan to increase engagement 

Everybody wins in an engaged workplace!

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