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Life Calling Institute (beta)

Your life calling is too important to ignore

Just because you have a life calling doesn't mean you're living it. At the Life Calling Institute, people explore life calling to discover greater purpose, passion, and power. The result is a life lived more fully, finding greater peace, and making greater impact.
We had a great year in beta (test) mode and are getting ready for an exciting 2022. We invite you to join us as we roll out events and programs in 2022 that are designed to help you live your unique life calling. LET'S GO!

Life Calling Bootcamp

Dream, Discover, Dare

Some of your calling is received; some of it is achieved. Our all-new Bootcamp is open for training, coaching, community, and practices that will move you forward in your unique life calling.


Video: Life Calling Summit

Special Guest Bob Goff 

Most people sense that they’re called to something greater, but they struggle to make sense of it. And they lack the framework to move forward. This virtual summit is your invitation to:

  • dream about what could be
  • discover about you and the opportunities around you
  • dare to take bold action steps


Bryan Dik, Ph.D.

Bryan is Professor of Psychology at Colorado State University, author of "Make Your Job a Calling" and "Redeeming Work," and Co-founder of jobZology.

Carol Ben-Davies, M.Ed.

Carol is Founder of College Bound Determination, who works with high school and college students on college readiness.

Chris Heinz

Chris is Founder of the Life Calling Institute, Chief People Officer at EnergyCAP, LLC, and Learning Partner at Penn State around strengths and engagement.

Dave White, Ph.D.

Dave is Lead Pastor of the Bridge Church, a success life coach and speaker, and an NCAA basketball referee who thinks of himself as a physician of the soul.

Peggy Pepper

Peggy is Creator of the PositiveOnPurpose social media platform, and is a consultant, author, and speaker on human potential and development.

Steve Heinz, M.S.

Steve is Founder of EnergyCAP, LLC, Chairman of the Board of Trustees for International Students, Inc., and an Air Force Academy graduate.

Tobi Akinyemi, M.S.

Tobi is Business Intelligence Developer for EnergyCAP, LLC, is a Six Sigma Green Belt, and has a passion for making data-based efficiency improvements.

Board Mission

The mission of the Board of Advisors is to advance the cause of the Institute and provide wisdom and discernment.


"Life calling is supernatural purpose that brings good to the world, creates personal meaning and joy, and utilizes innate and grown abilities."

"Your calling is bigger than your job or career, so look for ways to support your calling through them."

"Treat life calling as a journey of faithful steps instead of a destination of starts and stops."

"Everyone—regardless of age, economic status, life stage, creed or disposition—has a life calling and deserves the glory of living theirs."

"If you stay curious about yourself, you will live more of yourself."

"Sometimes to find your life, you must disrupt it first."

"Living your life calling is not guaranteed; although it is given to you, you must also seize it. "

"Life calling is supernatural, but is lived out in ordinary ways, in ordinary places, and by ordinary people."



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