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What Is CliftonStrengths?

CliftonStrengths is the assessment that helps people do what they do best. It identifies natural areas of talent so people can do more of what they’re good at. Working from areas of strength is a best practice that fuels employee engagement, teamwork, productivity, satisfaction, and more.

What you do best...

Formerly called StrengthsFinder®, the CliftonStrengths assessment provides a ranking of 34 different areas of talent like Responsibility®, Empathy®, Command®, and Strategic®. The idea is to identify your talents, apply them toward work, and grow your talents into strengths.
CliftonStrengths was developed by human behavior and organizational experts from the Gallup Organization. The assessment is being used by organizations of all sizes. Training, coaching, and ongoing reinforcement can build a strengths-based culture.

Strengths and Shortfalls

What does a strength look like? When does it fall short? Download this exclusive list of all 34 themes, and their strengths and shortfalls.

Unfortunately, the majority of employees aren’t using their strengths regularly at work.

They’re working harder—not smarter—and leaving a lot of value on the table. But there’s a better way. Research shows that employees who regularly work in their strengths show an increase in:

  • Productivity
  • Retention
  • Life satisfaction
  • Positive interactions with coworkers
  • Creativity and innovation
  • Product or service quality
  • Employee engagement
  • Organizational loyalty

In today’s dynamic job market, a strengths-based culture can be a competitive advantage. That’s why organizations from Fortune 500 companies to educational institutions to small businesses are creating people strategies around strengths.

My Expertise With Strengths

When I became Chief People Officer for EnergyCAP in State College, PA, the first thing I did was roll out a strengths program.

I was eager for our company and employees to experience the benefits of strengths, so I became a Gallup Certified Strengths Coach, administered the assessment to our employees, began holding training sessions, and coached employees around strengths.

We were on our way to building a strengths-based culture when Gallup invited me to speak at their Strengths Conference. Eventually I found myself leading about 50 workshops a year, and I resigned from EnergyCAP to focus on serving other organizations.

Our family moved to Charlottesville, VA and now I’m a full-time trainer and coach. My top talent themes are: Belief®, Maximizer®, Responsibility®, Empathy®, Developer®, Activator®, and Ideation®. (Theme names are copyright of Gallup Organization.)

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