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Strengths Workshops

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Your Amazing Strengths

I like to think of strengths as your best means of contribution, connection, and contentment in life and work. They're the talents, traits, skills, passions, and more that you carry with you wherever you go. A key to a great life is understanding your strengths, growing them, and using them.

The best way to achieve great results is through your strengths. Are you using yours?

Be the Exception

According to Gallup, only 40% of workers use their strengths every day at work, which means most of us aren't working up to our purpose and potential. Imagine if everyone in your workplace did. Be the exception!

One type of your amazing strengths is what the Gallup Organization calls "CliftonStrengths." These are naturally occurring areas of talent that can be used for great results.

Certified Strengths Coach

As a Gallup Certified Strengths Coach, I help individuals and organizations to discover their talents and strengths.


There are three ways I do this:

  • Online assessment
  • Workshops & Training
  • Strengths Debriefs

These services can get you and your team on the road to better performance, relationships, productivity, and more. Let me help you maximize your life and work.


Benefits of a Strengths workshop:

  • Deepen self-awareness
  • Optimize relationships and communication
  • Increase productivity and profitability
  • Improve employee engagement
  • Provide professional growth opportunities
  • Strengthen your organization's brand
  • Have fun as a team
  • Show them you are about who they are

What's Included

Online CliftonStrengths assessment - Participants take the 45-minute online assessment prior to training and receive various reports.

Engaging presentation - I will deliver an engaging presentation with attractive slides, compelling content, interesting stories, and curious questions.

Personal exercises and group activities - Activities for individuals and groups will keep the learning interactive and applicable.

Team problem solving - In addition to individual awareness, we'll work on team awareness and discover what each person brings to the team to contribute and solve problems.

Optional team or individual debriefs - Debriefs are 50-minute meetings to help individuals or teams to customize the learning and plan action steps from the training.

Different workshop lengths and Strengths debriefs are available based on your needs.

Strengths Resources for Clients 

The best way to achieve great results is through your strengths. Are you using yours?
I thought Chris was great, and that the content was really fascinating! I very much enjoyed this session, and it gave me a lot of insights into how to manage my employees who have different strengths than I have.

Workshop Attendee

Interested in learning about a Strengths program? Contact us today.

Learning about my strengths has helped me reflect on things that frustrate me and the WHY. Knowing this has helped me identify how I can turn that frustration into a positive.

Workshop Attendee

Chris is a great presenter. The information was relevant, relatable and interesting. This session would be a great addition to our emerging leaders program. 

Workshop Attendee

Thank you so much for the strengths coaching session today.  You brought clear insight to some tough situations for me. 

Coaching Client

I want to thank you for speaking at our professional training event. The topic was timely, engaging and immediately applicable to all.

Training Director