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Did You Know?

Disengaged workers are twice as likely to be looking for another job as engaged workers.

Source: Gallup

Only 34% of American workers are engaged and only 21% of global workers are engaged.

Source: Gallup

The cost of disengagement is $3,400 for every $10,000 of salary per employee. For a salary of $60,000, that’s $20,400 per year. If your team is the average of 66% disengaged, how much is disengagement costing you every year?

Source: Forbes magazine

What is Employee Engagement?

(It's not rewards, perks, benefits or punishments.)

Employee engagement is being committed to, dedicated to, and emotionally connected to your work and workplace so you give your best, discretionary effort.

The difference between engaged employees and disengaged employees is the amount of work and quality of work that they do. Engaged employees give their best; disengaged ones do not.

If you're looking for a competitive advantage or to build a consistent workforce, engagement is critical.

Which type of employee do you want on your team?
Download 10 Ways to Engage

Our five-part engagement plan is based on the latest research and is being taught to managers at the university level.

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Improving Engagement is for Workplaces That Want To:

Foster employee satisfaction

Enhance home life

Reduce absenteeism

Strengthen staff retention

Improve productivity

Increase profitability

Source: The QWork Future, “Why is Employee Engagement Important? 14 Benefits Backed By Research”

Choose Services To Fit Your Needs:

Comprehensive Program

We help you build a culture around engagement through an ongoing program of assessments, training, and coaching. We can also train supervisors in coaching skills. Programs consist of 6 or 12-month terms.

Training Workshops

Everyone plays a part in engagement. We train employees in different topics based on their role through one-time or periodic training workshops. We can also train supervisors in coaching skills.

Coaching Sessions

We provide one-to-one coaching sessions with employees to customize learning and set action goals. Sessions can be delivered via Zoom, phone, or in-person at the convenience of employees.

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