Maximize Your Life + Work

I coach and train business professionals to align their life and work with their personality, purpose, and priorities, so they can live without regrets, make meaningful impact, and have consistent joy


Hi, I'm Chris Heinz

I believe it's possible to align your life and work with who you are and what's important to you. Several times I've made adjustments to my work life because it didn't fit anymore with the person I was becoming.

Sometimes they were minor changes, sometimes they were major ones. But I've never regretted the decisions that allowed me to live more into my identity, purpose, and priorities.

  • I've faced life-altering medical conditions that put life in perspective
  • I've changed careers multiple times that required risk and faith
  • I've had successes at work but also some failures

But I wouldn't trade any of it because it has all brought me to where I am today, which is maximizing my life and work. I'd love to help you do the same.


As a coach and trainer, I help individuals and teams to maximize their life and work

  • I have coached over 500 hours in 1:1 settings

  • I have led over 250 training events

  • I have earned 7 coaching certifications 


I do this because:

We can each stay busy but lose connection with ourselves

The arrangement of our life and work doesn't fit us anymore

We make time for what's urgent but not for what really matters


Over time we have regrets about not pursuing our priorities 


We grind through our day and wonder where the joy went

We find we are more "getting by" than truly thriving


But It Doesn't Have To Be This Way

Let me help you maximize your life + work by aligning them with your personality, purpose, and priorities, so you can live without regrets, make meaningful impact, and have consistent joy


A Little More About Me

I started off in software sales, then moved to software marketing for EnergyCAP. Although I was successful, my work was missing something. I went through a process of coaching and reflection, and realized I really wanted to work directly with people.

So I pivoted to Human Resources, completed a few certifications, and began training people. I used CliftonStrengths and the Enneagram with the company and began helping employees with employee engagement. As a result, other organizations began inviting me to help their teams.

Juggling a full-time job and side business was too much, so I resigned from EnergyCAP to make room to help other organizations. That opened up the possibility to live anywhere, so my family moved from central PA to Charlottesville, VA in July 2022.

I work from the Vault Virginia coworking space and am adjunct faculty with the Trinity Fellows Leadership Program. I serve clients locally and remotely.

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