I coach and train business professionals to align their life and work with their personality, purpose, and priorities, so they can live without regrets, make meaningful impact, and have consistent joy


What Customers Are Saying:

Bryan M. Wehler

President & CEO at ARM Group Enterprises Inc.

Chris did an outstanding job presenting to our leadership team about how to drive increased employee engagement. His 6-step process provides a simple and practical framework for enhancing the employee experience, which is a huge factor in increasing retention and attracting additional talent. It was obvious that Chris put in a lot of effort to understand our unique company and challenges and that came through in his customized and impactful presentation.

Annette Bechtold

Forte Consulting Atlanta

The phrase that comes to mind when I think of Chris is "practical inspiration." His depth and experience with people and organizations create a strong foundation from which, together, you can build. "Practical" in that is approach is friendly, organic, and easy to put into practice. "Inspiration" in that his positivity, hope, and peace pour out to all he encounters to foster greater confidence and wellbeing. From a group and team standpoint, he provides the glue needed to support leaders and teams in their efforts to build and maintain a healthy culture. He masterfully helps individuals and teams move forward through authentic interactions and accountability. Chris is my coach. I walk away from each encounter with a renewed energy and sense of purpose, confidence, and hope. He continues to be instrumental in my personal and professional success.

Dr. Renee Cromer

Organizational & Leadership Consultant

I always walk away from my coaching sessions with Chris Heinz clearer about my purpose! He has a divine consultative approach to coaching that is so authentic and effective!

Bob Goff

NYT Best-selling Author

The world needs more brave people who will venture to do what only they can. But you don’t just fall into your life calling—you need courage, focus, and a guide who has been there. I’ve seen Chris Heinz take bold steps into his calling and he’ll help you walk into yours.

Morgan Forney

Chief People Officer at DiamondBack Covers

We were pleased to bring on Chris Heinz as a CliftonStrengths consultant for DiamondBack Truck Covers in 2022. His personal experience implementing Strengths based development in industry and his expertise in multiple assessments has added value to our team. We look forward to creating opportunities for CliftonStrengths training for all employees. As an organization we desire to stretch our people through internal promotions and Chris has also come alongside us consulting on some of these decisions. I highly recommend Chris as he will be an asset to your organization and is a blessing to work with. In the process of working with Chris, you will be sure to learn more about yourself, your team, and have greater clarity on helping your organization to thrive.

Cheryl Kaplan

The Pennsylvania State University

Chris Heinz's passion for helping people learn and leverage their core strengths is matched only by his excellence and enthusiasm as a facilitator and coach in the strengths arena. I recommend him highly!

Kathy Goller

Teal Horizon Coaching

I first met Chris as a coach and trainer related to CliftonStrengths and the Enneagram. Both were tools that I was familiar with, but Chris helped me see them in new ways, and helped me to begin to use and develop those aspects of myself more fully. Chris has an exceptional ability to communicate clearly and passionately, and he excels at sharing his knowledge and expertise with others in an engaging manner. Chris's natural warmth and empathy enable him to express genuine care and concern for those he's working with, whether one-on-one or in a larger training setting. I count myself lucky to have been coached and trained by Chris. Our interactions always leave me with new insights!

Jennifer Doyle Vancil

Communicating Strengths

I worked with Chris as my coach early in my journey as an entrepreneur. I was trying to find my niche. I was trying to set some priorities. And I was trying to make the hard decision to leave my day job and go into consulting full time. Chris walked with me through these decisions, asking thoughtful questions and offering unwavering encouragement. Most importantly when I discovered my unique niche as the dovetailing of CliftonStrengths and Career Coaching Chris said words I’ll never forget, ”Leverage your Communication. You are a thought leader. Step into it!” This week being interviewed on an international podcast and celebrating the publishing of a book I collaborated on, I give Chris credit for being the inspiration. He made me believe I could do more than I ever imagined and I’ll always be grateful!

Spencer Smith

I had the pleasure of working with Chris for eight years at EnergyCAP, LLC. Chris has a way of asking questions and listening to help a person come to conclusions on their own when seeking direction for decisions. He always took time to listen and understand my concerns. He is an engaging communicator, skilled at presenting information and made me feel like my conversations with him were the most important thing he had to do at the time. He was a great listener and made me feel like my contributions were valuable.

Tara Mathews

I went to Chris for an Enneagram assessment. Prior to speaking with him, I had little knowledge how the Enneagram could help me. Since he is an Enneagram and Strengths coach, I knew his knowledge could educate me. I received a report and a call with him that helped me identify my unique strengths and gifts. Since then, I have been using this knowledge to grow in my talents. Overall, it has given me greater insight and understanding into why I do the things I do and has helped me love myself more. I highly recommend Chris as a coach. He is full of insight and wisdom and can help you in whatever stage of your life journey you're in.


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